Real Estate Investments Loans

Read about loans in real estate and learn what kind of loan is suits you well.

Investment property mortgages

A conventional mortgage tailored to investment properties might be the ideal selection for new property investors. Investment property mortgages function exactly the identical manner as a primary mortgage on your house. Funding requirements might be more rigorous and interest rates could be greater, though.

Government-backed loans for investors

Homeowners often turn to government-backed FHA or VA loans to buy their first home or subsequent owner-occupied properties. These loans are enticing, with low interest rates and down payments as low as 3.5%.

Home equity loan

If you do not have sufficient home equity to fund an investment property in total, look at having a house equity loan or tapping into a house equity line of credit to borrow 20 percent of their investment property buy price. Then use that cash as a deposit to secure an investment property loan.

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