Frequently Asked Questions

How can I begin investing in real estate?

You came to the right place! Purchasing an investment property isn’t the sole way of obtaining a property. Besides being a landlord and collecting rent, there are other ways of real estate investing.

You can opt for a fix-and-flip investment approach, property wholesaling, or investing in a REIT – a real estate investment trust.

Before you invest in a property, you should begin with developing an investing strategy, seeing how every investing method has its pros and cons. And before starting your work on the strategy, you should immerse yourself in the fundamentals of real estate, in order to see what form of investing would suit your personality. Don’t forget, you need to create a diverse portfolio, so take that into account, too.

How much money do I need to start investing in real estate?

This is something everyone needs to answer for themselves after they observe all the facts.

Conventional real estate investments require purchasing properties in a straightforward fashion – with the accompanying parcel – either for renting or reselling. This can be too much for a lot of people, especially since buying real estate rarely stops with the purchase itself. You still have a lot of things to bear in mind: renovations, repairs, maintenance, real estate taxes, insuring your home, and mortgage insurance. So you don’t just have hard costs, but soft costs, too.

What are the best real estate investment companies in 2021?

There are a lot of good and reputable real estate investment companies. Our team goes through the reviewed companies with due diligence in order to grade their services.

We check out their expenses and fees, client service, ease of use, what form of investing they offer, and many other features and aspects.

The best real estate investment company will really boil down to your preferences, trading strategy, investment method, expenses and so on. We have complied a useful list of the best real estate investment companies and their reviews, so be sure to check it out in order to be able to start your journey!

In what cities and countries should I look for a real estate property?

There are a lot of currently popular choices for real estate investments, like San Francisco, London, or Melbourne. But every city has its pro and con. Our city guide will give you a closer look at the current state of affairs, while our country guide will do so on a wider scale.

What does your Investment Guide cover?

From fresh information for budding developers from the world of property investing, to information about various types of investment loans, Online Real Estate Invest covers different real estate topics. Moreover, we cover crowdfunding topics in great detail, but more on that below.

Can you teach me about crowdfunding?

Yes! We cover the ever-growing topic and field of crowdfunding extensively! Apart from presenting reviews of real estate companies who offer crowdfund investing in real estate, we offer an investment guide that presents the latest news and beginner manuals for crowdfunding in real estate.