Investment in Hamburg property: how to start

Hamburg real estate investments

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, with 1.7 million inhabitants, is Germany’s second largest city and one of the 16 federal states of the Federal Republic of Germany. Hamburg is a city as well as a state. The metropolitan area is seven times greater than Paris, with 755 square kilometers, and two and a half times greater than London. As a result, Hamburg’s standards of living and housing are particularly high.

Hamburg has the largest average living space of all major cities in the world, with 30 square meters of living space per person. The waters of the river traverse the region providing beautiful tree-lined waterways and lush parks. Hamburg boasts 2,302 bridges – more than Venice combined with Amsterdam. Hamburg is second only to New York City worldwide when it comes to consulates – it has more than 90 of them. There are additional two large lakes in central Hamburg.

Hamburg is a huge gateway to the world, with history going back centuries and ever stronger links to Asia today. It is Germany’s largest port thanks to the Hamburg Harbor. It is an extremely international and culturally diverse city that attracts more than 3,500 international firms and their employers. The city boasts some of the finest theater, opera, dance, art, ballet, radio and television broadcasting and film studios offerings in Europe.

Another perfect reason to buy is the HafenCity development in Hamburg. Built on a 155-hectare site, HafenCity is one of Europe’s most popular urban development initiatives which will increase the size of the city center of Hamburg by 40%. Located directly between the historic industrial district of Speicherstadt and the Elbe River, there will be a new town with a cosmopolitan mix of housing, service companies, culture, entertainment, tourism, and retail. The full area development will continue until 2020-25.

German investment is starting to become as common as it was in other European cities in the 1990s. There are many properties available for purchase in Hamburg and the Hamburg Buy-to-Let market is starting to flourish.

Is Hamburg a good place for investment?

Germany economy is well-developed. Owing to the huge problems created when the east reunited with the west, it has had a decade of bad results but the tide is turning. Unemployment is declining and the grassroots recovery is underway. The World Cup gave Germany a renewed outlook. Confidence is strong, and supply of German property is on the rise. The Hamburg Harbour, which ranks 2nd only to Rotterdam in Europe and 9th worldwide, is the most important economic base of Hamburg. Hamburg regained the eastern part of its hinterland after the German reunification, becoming by far the fastest growing port in Europe. The reason for the large number of consulates in the town is foreign trade, too. While situated 68 miles (110 km) up the Elbe, due to its ability to accommodate large ocean-going vessels, it is considered a sea harbour. A perfect time to buy real estate in Hamburg.

Buy Hamburg property: Legal questions

The notary system ensures safe title so your apartment in Hamburg would be safe. Your investment in Hamburg will be as secure as if you were buying a property in the UK.

Property in Hamburg: Is it a safe investment?

Average gross yields are now below 5 percent in London and Paris. Its hard to fund interest, let alone have respectable cash flow. You can borrow 4 to 5% in Germany and gain more than 6% (often as high as 8%). That means an investment in Hamburg is one of the best choices in the current stock market.

Foreign property investments

The Hamburg & German real estate market is clearly an investment-friendly stronghold in the heart of Europe. International buyers are not faced with any clear limitations but rather enjoy fair rights and responsibilities when it comes to land acquisitions. Because of the rise in the number of city dwellers, the increasing rent rates and a healthy and attractive environment, property owners will benefit and expand accordingly. In short, the real estate market in Hamburg is a place where any serious investor can take an active part.

Property investment in Hamburg

So you want to buy an apartment in Hamburg – where do you go to? German investment can be confusing particularly if your only property buying experience is within the UK. Hamburg Estate agents may be your first port of call in order to find out which properties they have. But if you understand the German language, real estate in Hamburg is a totally different process to that in the UK. Buy Hamburg will provide a full turn-key solution for finding the perfect house, supplying English-speaking solicitors and helping you purchase your Hamburg Buy-to-Let mortgage. Why go to a Hamburg Estate Agent when Buy Hamburg can help with all the anxiety of property investment?
Buy Hamburg is a renowned company that specializes in providing full turn-key solutions for investors and funds looking to buy Hamburg real estate. Their bi-lingual support team has offices in London, Hamburg and Berlin and they are all able to assist clients during the entire buying process.


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