Why should you start Investing In Real Estate In Tokyo?

Tokyo and Osaka are often featured on lists of the world’s most expensive places to live. And it’s no wonder that they have a relatively high cost of real estate on a global scale. If you’re looking for a bargain, you could consider selecting a home in a more rural area, or choosing one of Japan ‘s smaller towns or cities.
If you are considering buying a property for yourself as a holiday home or as an investment, you will already know how important it is to research the costs in advance, including looking at the price of living in the suburbs compared to choosing an apartment in the city centre.

Is it a safe idea to invest in real estate in Tokyo?

While the amount of housing construction started in Japan on a month-by-month basis continues to fluctuate, the overall trend since early 2018 has been development of more homes, following a development decline in 2017. Commentators from the industry say that demand for new homes continues to outstrip supplies, with investors still involved in the sector in 2019. Investing in real estate is a common option for many, whether in a family home, a summer house or a rental property. If you’re buying abroad, getting to know the local market is crucial before you make the leap.

Can a foreigner buy property in Tokyo?

There are no statutory restrictions on foreigners buying property in Japan. Foreigners are solely responsible for providing the Bank of Japan with a written notice within 20 days of the real estate purchase.
There is no need to hold a Japanese citizenship or even a residency visa to buy a Japanese home. Buying property in Japan does not, however, entitle the buyer to hold a visa for residency in Japan.

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