5 Rules to distinguish yourself from your competitors


If you’re just starting your real estate business or thinking about putting on new image, the biggest difficulty is to have a distinction. Your best shot will be your value claim, and how you convey your message. So, take some time today to create (or re-create) your brand, fashion and promote your deals in a way that appeals to your particular business area and reminds customers of the one-of-a-kind value you have.

Rule 1: Don’t be so focused on what others do

Make an effort to find competing agents’ worth proposition but don’t go in too deep that you’re driven by their techniques. You should deliver something that is actually different to be distinct. When you look too closely at other agents’ tactics, you ‘re going to have a hard time thinking creatively, that can help you find how your value can be different.

Rule 2: Spot a scope

Think what you would do if you were your customer. What was lacking for them in the immovable property process? From new home pursuit to selling and closure, there has to be something you can do more or differently from what your competitor currently does. And customers can be polled to figure out what this unfinished piece of puzzle is. When you figure out what is missing, you will begin to devise a plan for filling the niche.

Rule 3: Make your word known

Start building your brand and the tone of your business around it, after you have defined your importance. Order is essential here. Send your message β€” style, logo and content should all suit your value proposal. No matter the various ways through which you sell yourself, a customer should identify the brand as yours automatically. When you change colors of your logo or voice tone through marketing channels, you can never establish the consistency that eventually contributes to awareness of the brand.

Rule 4: Post information

All this work you have done to find your special place in the local market β€” just tell everyone about it! An in-depth marketing strategy enters into play here. Design a plan which will encompass your audience in the broadest possible way. Think digitally, on paper and even with a community-wide visual impact. Using your picture, name and logo to bring your company out there β€” and perhaps even a memorable hashtag to connect it all together. If customers don’t see your name they’re not going to come to you. And be a part of it! The more people see you being neighborly around town, the simpler it will be for them to know who you are and what you are doing.

Rule 5: Build your credibility

Once the market is made aware of the worth your brand offers, you will see your business become fairly steady. As you put together (or add to) your client database, take advantage of these contacts to build a reputation of professionalism as much as you can. Ask for reviews and post them online β€” in all formats everywhere possible. Buyers and sellers of today are doing their research before doing business with an agent, and a steady history of good reviews can work magic for your business. Finally, keep in touch with your past customers and check in, making the conversations more personal so you can continue generating the connections. Eventually, this can lead to more sales and recurring customers, and that is where the business truly begins to be successful.