FREE Webinar: Should You Become A Real Estate Agent Now?


RISMedia and Real Estate Express are partnering together to offer you a unique webinar led by property coach Darryl Davis to answer the question, “Is it the time to venture into real estate as an agent?” Join them for the FREE webinar on Thursday, June 25 , 2020 to hear why a property calling has never made better sense โ€“ even in the middle of a struggling marketplace.

COVID-19 destroyed the American economy in only 3 months, leaving millions without a job and salary. So this may be the right calling for you, if you were amongst those who lost their job.

Sure, various sectors in the industry saw better days, but the property sector is still on the rise. Moreover, lots of USA citizens could use the side hustle. So don’t fret if you ended up without a job because of the coronavirus. Fresh career chances are looming near.

What will I learn?

Host Darryl Davis will deal with these topics:

  • What skillsets are needed to succeed
  • What’s the typical salary for an agent in this field
  • What kind of cash can you expect to see in this first year
  • How did the property sector change in a positive manner due to the pandemic
  • How to get a license
  • You got a license, where do you go from there?

About Darryl Davis

Darryl Davis has been in the game for a quarter of the century. His job is to offer motivation to people like us. He is experienced in public speaking and coaching, so he knows how to balance out his career and lifestyle, and he can help you, a future property pro, do the same! He also published books and is regularly booked for speaking events.

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