Mother Comes From Three Working to the Rookie of the Year by Keller Williams


As Janette Avalos De Conte gave birth to her second child, she realized if she would pursue the family life she had dreamed of, everything needed to change. She had a full-time role as a medical interpreter at the time, thus juggling a second medical part-time work translating and several shifts as a waitress. She wanted a job that would give her children more security and versatility.

Upon her brother’s recommendation she took her real estate licensing course with Real Estate Express while still recovering from childbirth and passed her test to become a certified real estate agent.

Janette had flourished as a business owner and working mom a year into her real estate career. After closing 17 deals last year, she just won Rookie of the Year with her brokerage Keller Williams at around $2.5million each. We have recently caught up with her to discuss how she started her career and what tips she has for those considering moving to real estate.

How did you pick real estate?

I was a professional translator before doing real estate, in Spanish and I was very involved with the Hispanic community. While I was talking to them, I noticed that there was a tremendous need for a Spanish-speaking real estate agent who not only knew their language but would really care about them and help them through the entire process. I made the decision to become a real estate agent.

So what did your life look like before you worked in real estate?

I have been doing medical interpretation for six years. I worked as a full-time medical interpreter, I also worked as a medical interpreter for another company and I worked as a server at a restaurant. When I began I had a 7-month-old baby and a 2-year-old son.

How have you opted for Real Estate Express?

I’m an extremely busy mother with two babies. Essentially, I had two full-time jobs and I had the kids, and I was just crazy busy. My brother suggested I can do them on my own time with the online classes. I hadn’t got to go to a classroom. I ‘d put the kids in bed, and I’d research until everyone was asleep. This all turned out well.

What has been your first year in real estate?

With Keller Williams I just won the Rookie of the Year. It has been a splendid year. I had in mind that I would do everything in my power to make this career possible. But you’re also hearing people say real estate is hard so you don’t really know. This turned out to be incredible.

I was so ready to learn, but at first, I had no clue what I was doing. I had a really good mentor who had brought me through the whole process and taught me all I know. They have been able to direct me through the whole process and teach me everything that I needed to learn. There were friends, and I had the purpose to know.

How have you changed your lifestyle?

With my two babies and getting a full-time career, nine to five, it’s hard to get out, to get permission, and try to bring the babies to various things. The biggest blessing now is that I can actually manage my own schedule in accordance with the schedule for my children.

Another thing I really like about real estate is that I like having jobs where I feel I make a difference. What you do you have to love. Otherwise you would not be happy even though you make a lot of money. I enjoy what I do and it makes me feel like I support people. With the greatest decision of their life, you support people. Which gives me a deep feeling of satisfaction and happiness of realizing I’m really doing it with someone else.

It has greatly helped me grow. Now I am the owner of a company. You have to think like a business owner and act like this. I’ve always been a hard-working person, but being a real estate owner, you ‘re just growing so much because you’ve got to learn all this about becoming a business owner and doing whatever you never thought you ‘d have to do or could do.

Also: To my personal financial security. I ‘m definitely a busy mom so I get to enjoy them while I’m with my kids. I have enjoyed a very nice vacation in Europe. This fall we went to Spain, and then to France.

I ask myself occasionally, “Why did it take me so long to bring about this change? “But I think it’s all good timing.

What tips would she have for anyone to pursue a real estate career?

There’s no limit to how far you can go in real estate if you want a profession, a job where you can have unlimited potential. This is the perfect job if you want to keep pursuing more and more.

When you’re a busy mom or dad and want more time with your kids and your freedom to be in charge, then go for it. It’s not easy but it certainly pays off.

You’ll still have a career as long as you’re motivated enough and willing to succeed and have the work ethic and be honest. Customers will still look for you.

Remind yourself how critical customer support is. I realized I needed to provide better customer service ever since I began this company. They have got to believe you. Typically, I also concentrate on providing the best customer service I can to all my customers and being straightforward from the outset.

It’s a perfect career, a perfect opportunity for anyone seeking all these things and wanting to step out of the box and try something else.