What Is a Real Estate Consultant and What Types of Consulting Exist

When approaching a specific field that is unknown, expert advice and a skilled piece of mind is a welcoming helping hand. To each their own, that’s what they say, and when talking about real estate, what you need is a real estate consultant. 

If you’re searching to purchase or even develop the property, a real estate consultant is here to give recommendations and advice. Real estate consultants typically collaborate with commercial real estate investors instead of residential purchasers and sellers. 

You might come across in the real estate jargon that they’re also referred to as “real estate advisors” or “real estate counselors.” These professionals ordinarily have a real estate license and can also be designated Counselors of Real Estate (CRE). The article will explore their further responsibilities and list multiple types of real estate consulting. 

Real estate consultant

What Does a Real Estate Consultant Do?

We can refer to real estate consultants as “behind the scenes’ operators. Clients’ decision-making process is guided every step of the way. The main focus of a real estate consultant is to ensure complete investment success, rather than paying attention to the transaction. Extensive research is their primary assignment, and it aids in leading the way in all client real estate endeavors. 

A real estate consultant can work independently or as a part of a large consulting agency. Depending on the precise type of work they do, their compensation differs. Predominantly, they are paid a flat fee or an hourly rate.

The first step of their well-rehearsed game plan is meeting with the clients. Primary and secondary objectives are the main topic of their discussion, and once these goals are set in place, the next step for the consultant is to design a plan that will be the most cost-effective, with high results. The exact kind of work they do largely depends on the type of clients they have. 

property development

Types of Real Estate Consulting

Since there are multiple types of businesses related to real estate, some consultants narrow their field of work by specializing in a particular area. These are some of the real estate consulting types that are out there and that you might come across. 

Property Development 

A real estate consultant often overlooks commercial real estate development projects from start to finish. Their work usually involves browsing for potential development sites, creating feasibility reports, and analyzing competitive analysis. 

A real estate consultant that works in property development has prior marketing or sales experience. Developers are looking into current buyer trends to adapt to market needs. Sometimes, real estate consultants partner up with interior designers.

Real Estate Investors 

Investors interested in expanding their portfolio might need a real estate consultant and his expertise. Managing the entire process is their primary task; it includes an economic analysis that ensures that the investment is a safe financial decision for the client. Secondly, their assignment is to research the supply and demand and the pricing for the specific property location. 

After assessing the location, he then evaluates the marketability of that property and profits under current market conditions.

Consulting Firms

These types of firms offer a wide range of services in order to aid their clients in determining the value of development projects or real estate investments. Their services are wanted by REITs, individual investors, business owners, lenders, along with corporate real estate groups. Portfolio positioning, strategy design, and financial modeling are services that real estate consultants provide.

Residential Clients

There are cases where real estate agents provide consulting services to their clients besides their regular line of business. The real estate agent/consultant will help the buyer discover if the purchase is a good investment or not. Because there is no commission, the consultant will give unbiased advice and be completely objective.