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Detailed DiversyFund Review 2021: crowdfunding real estate investment with DiversyFund

Our DiversyFund Review - Updated November 2021

DiversyFund offers real-estate investment targeting medium to large multi-unit residential properties, with a focus on long-term capital appreciation through renovation and repositioning of these multi-family properties.

DiversyFund manages an SEC-qualified Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) which creates wealth by investing in cash-flowing apartment buildings.

DiversyFund's innovative alternative fin-tech investment network has built a way for investors to invest directly in commercial real estate ventures around the U.S.

The company leverages the digital platform and new legislation to create investing options for the public that were historically only open to ultra-high net worth investors.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves, let's dig in and find out what this crowdfunding platform is all about!

What's Diversyfund ?

Based in San Diego, DiversyFund was established by top industry leaders with almost four decades of combined experience and a proven track record.

DiversyFund focuses on multi-unit residential properties with a number of medium to large-scale projects in California, Texas and elsewhere, with a focus on long-term capital appreciation for the renovation and repositioning of these multi-family properties.

Thanks to the current SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) rules and advanced technology, DiversyFund is now in a position to give everybody a chance to diversify their assets and property investments by using its tested real estate strategies in just a few easy steps.

Such new prospects were made possible by the JOBS Act, an economic recovery plan passed by Congress in 2012. The act meant that companies could turn to the masses for capital, and regular consumers can now invest directly in these companies, cut off the middleman, and open up a new way for Americans to increase their retirement savings.

Dubbed Regulation A, this new rule allows any American adult to invest their money in specific, non-traditional investments that were only available to high net worth or accredited investors.

Accredited is classified as individuals with $200,000 or higher income per year ($300,000 for married couples) or more than $1 million in financial assets, of which only 3% of the American population fall within this group.

How Does Diversyfund Work?

DiversyFund manages the whole process of choosing properties to maintain, repair, and sell; and disperses income after the asset has been sold. And while that sounds like it might come with a high fee, DiversyFund charges zero. Investors can benefit from compounding interest through the reinvestment of dividends (rents, profits) on a monthly basis and the overall appreciation of properties.

With Reg A, DiversyFund has seen a remarkable chance to take advantage of their real estate expertise and fin-tech abilities to launch a portfolio of integrated REITs (real estate investment trusts). REITs are divided into shares that can be purchased, similar to stocks, but without many of the complexities of stocks and mutual funds. By the way, "REIT" is an business term for a group of buyers buying a real estate portfolio.

And, unlike a conventional stock portfolio that may rotate rapidly on a regular basis, real estate markets have proved to be much less unpredictable and are targeted towards longer-term buyers pursuing capital appreciation.

Private REIT transactions do not function like stocks, so there are not a multitude of ticker symbols to keep track of, or businesses and funds to continue research.

The pure real estate aspect of DiversyFund's REITs ensures that investors with self-directed accounts for investments, including IRAs and 401Ks, will add a specific diversification element with a less risky mechanism that is not associated with many other funds.

In other words, if the stock market is stagnant or even on a downward spiral, real estate values can still increase. In certain areas, the majority of millionaires owe their income to real estate properties, so buying a home is also a vital part of the American Dream.

Fun Fact: The average house cost in 1960 was only $11,900. Today, the average home costs about $363,000! The overall home value were seldom lower than the previous year.

How to invest in crowdfunded real estate

DiversyFund Pricing, Fees & Expenses

Diversyfund does not charge a fee when you buy or sell an account. There is also no charge needed when the property is purchased.

And since DiversyFund manages the entire process in-house using an efficient digital platform, its net costs are much lower than when third parties are employed. As the property operates, the organizational and offering costs are expected to be around 1%, subject to change.

Keep in mind that we have not carried out an exhaustive analysis of all possible costs and expenses related to the transaction. Be sure to check the DiversyFund Growth REIT offering circular for more information.

Details on Investments

What makes DiversyFund truly unique is its zero-fee, automated and quick investing process – something unprecedented for the investment industry.

It takes just a few minutes to sign up, and new clients can fund an account by connecting directly to their bank or brokerage. Accounts can be opened by investing as little as $500 and have no limit to how much you can invest. No matter how much of an investment you choose, the mechanism and market framework remain the same, making it easy for any investor to make a decision.

Once the account is opened and you have decided how much you want to contribute, there are no stocks or mutual funds available for research, and there is no need for extensive research by a company, a mutual fund, or any other complex investment. Simplicity is probably the number two feature of DiversyFund's offerings, in addition to the unique potential of the investments themselves.

DiversyFund investigates real estate assets across the U.S., primarily focused in California and Texas. The primary emphasis is on commercial properties that have rental living spaces around diverse communities.

Their aim is to approach mid-market assets that are in service but will require improvements, better management, upkeep, promotion, etc. to fully maximize their potential.

DiversyFund tries to select the more costly rentals because they are more vulnerable to economic downturns. The lower end of the continuum is often not favoured, because acceptance may be minimal and rental quality can be more difficult to obtain. Geographical regions will be secure with a wide enough pool of tenants and enough revenue to cover the planned rentals.

The company uses proprietary models and methods to project revenue and resale values while taking into account operating costs, revenues and upgrades. The goal is to collect profit and appreciation over a span of time calculated in the initial due diligence process.

DiversyFund Growth REIT Properties:

  • Goshen, a small-scale student housing development in Linda Vista, California
  • Park Boulevard, a 59-unit mixed-use building in San Diego , California
  • Summerlyn, a 200-unit apartment complex ripe for renovations in Killeen, Texas
  • Corsicana, a 211-unit value-add apartment complex under construction in Corsicana, Texas

According to DiversyFund data, the company generated an annualized net return of 18 percent in 2017 and 17.3 percent in 2018 from ventures they controlled before the introduction of the Regulation A Growth REIT.

Individual components' forecasted internal rates of return (IRRs), the future rates of return on capital investments inside the Growth REIT, are estimated to be between 15 percent and 21 percent.

And once you're interested in a project, you will get periodic updates on how the project is progressing. Best of all, DiversyFund does not charge a commission or direct fee for their services like a traditional brokerage account.

DiversyFund holders will feel comfortable understanding that the SEC needs annual audits to be performed. It helps ensure that the finances are being handled responsibly in accordance with the law.

DiversyFund also places investors first before getting paid itself, by giving a 7 percent preferred yield, meaning that investors have priority on fund returns up to 7 percent.

For more data, check out the DiversyFund Growth REIT providing circular and investment supplements for more information.

Pros & Cons of Diversyfund


  • Range of investment options once reserved for only wealthy Americans
  • Fast signup and financing
  • Track record of success
  • Full digital access to the account, educational content, and information on assets
  • You can invest as little as $500 with no cap
  • Low volatility alternative for every investor
  • Diversyfund handles the entire process from start to finish
  • Zero fees to invest


  • Longer investment completion time
  • Not a guaranteed investment (nothing in the stock or bond market is either)
  • Not a liquid investment – disbursements are made at the end of the investment cycle (target is 5 years)

Getting Started by Signing Up

  1. Visit the DiversyFund website and create an account
  2. Enter your personal information or connect with a social networking site like Facebook or LinkedIn.
  3. Validate your account and have a funding mechanism through DiversyFund's secure third-party platform (don't worry, your login details aren't shared with DiversyFund)

Accounts may be set up separately, collectively, by a corporation, or even as a trust for a loved one. Given the longer-term, lower volatility goals of real estate, DiversyFund's investments could be used as a excellent investment starter for a baby, child, or teen.

Tell your accountant about any tax benefits you might obtain from a trust. Account-holders or trust administrators must be 18 years or older and a U.S. citizen.

When you've decided how much you want to spend, the conversion takes only a day or two and will show up in your DiversyFund account when available.

Once the assets are locked in, you'll get notifications and updates about the land you're investing in. Growth funds at DiversyFund are intended to be in service for a minimum duration of 5 years, but the frame can be shorter or longer at the discretion of the manger. When a property is sold, returns can be made back to owners who will either opt to remain invested or withdraw assets.

All of DiversyFund's company funds are held in a Finra licensed brokerage account, which is also protected by the SIPC Securities Investor Protection Corporation. DiversyFund and its affiliates take your personal information seriously and do not share it with others.

Client Care and Support

DiversyFund has worked hard to accumulate a catalog of valuable, educational content that is stored in their Learning Center.

The Learning Center offers answers to a plethora of REIT basics topics and for the setup of accounts.

You may want to check out their FAQ page first for answers to common questions. The company also employs a service team and contract managers to guide you through the process if you're in need.

And while Diversyfund's configuration process is quickest done online, they're adamant about making sure everyone gets the support they need.

Is Diversyfund for you?

Real estate ought to be part of any balanced portfolio. As stated earlier, real estate also played a part in creating massive wealth for the wealthiest nation.

People will always need a roof over their heads, and Diversyfund's focus on the rental market catches that need, particularly when home values are growing to record levels.

Diversified real estate investment often provides an uncorrelated, lower-volatility alternative for every investor that can help offset underperformance in other assets, such as stocks or bonds.

The Reg A REIT format allows investors to pool their capital and use their ability not only to save money on borrowing costs but also on interest.

If you are a long-term investor with at least a 5-year investment period, consider committing a portion of your investment portfolio to real estate.

Given the complexity of even the easiest real estate transactions, we can concur that the DiversyFund network, personnel and procedures make the process much less overwhelming.

The Verdict

What makes DiversyFund truly unique is its zero-fee, interactive and quick investing process - all uncommon for the investment industry. It takes just a few minutes to sign up, and new clients will finance an account by connecting directly to their bank or brokerage. To top it off, the accounts can be opened by investing as little as $500 and have no limit on how much you can invest.

DiversyFund Review main features and highlights

Bottom line
What makes DiversyFund truly unique is its zero-fee, interactive and quick investing process - all uncommon for the investment industry. It takes just a few minutes to sign up, and new clients will finance an account by connecting directly to their bank or brokerage. To top it off, the accounts can be opened by investing as little as $500 and have no limit on how much you can invest.
Fees: Diversyfund does not charge a fee when you buy into or exit an investment. There is also no required fee when a property is purchased.
Min Deposit: $500,00
Target returns: 10-18%
  • Commercial Real Estate
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