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Simplified real estate acquisition.

Real estate stability and profitability with financial investment accountability, all online.

How the Investment Works

1. Register; open your account and view the company information

2. Choose the investment project; evaluate projects on the platform

1. Invest! Now you have quick access to the property market's competitiveness

What's the advantage of investing in URBE.ME?

No charges, no bureaucracy

Since investment and transparency is done online, they lower every cost as much as possible. The contractor completely pays the transaction costs, and no fee is charged to the investor.

It's the real estate market's most lucrative stage'

URBE.ME offers you access to a sector previously open only to major investors: enterprise construction.

Financial model regulated by market

URBE.ME participated in preparing CVM Instruction 588, which governed investment crowdfunding in Brazil. They are Banco Topázio's banking correspondents and serve as intermediaries for credit operations under central bank regulations.

What's URBE.ME?

URBE.ME is an online, real estate-focused mutual investment network that simplifies and makes real estate investing available to everyone.

What are collective investment advantages?

Through investing together using the URBE.ME platform, you engage in a market historically only open to large investors. Investing in a wide sector of the economy from R$1,000.00, with excellent investment prospects and competitive profitability.

Why is it perfect for small and large investors?

The conventional model of investment in real estate development has a high minimum investment and is determined by a strong relationship between the investor and the developer, facts that prevented the small investor from taking part in this market. URBE.ME offers small investors access to these previously limited opportunities, as the platform's minimum investment is just R$1000.

Who will be able to invest?

Any person, adult, or legal entity with investment reserves may invest.

How It Operates

The investor participates in the program via registration for starters, then makes an investment reserve in the desired sum and confirms the donation by transferring funds through TED or DOC.

URBE.ME works with two legal frameworks to organize projects that go live on the website. It operates without intermediaries, and you obtain a contract signed directly with the developer when making the investment (Model CVM 588). In the second iteration, URBE.ME serves as a financial institution's banking correspondent and you receive a bank-issued investment security (BACEN OAV 2.921 model).

How do I invest?

Whenever projects are open, you can invest. The period over which the investment offer is available is typically 20 days, but can be shorter or longer depending on the capital needs of the developer and the platform's availability of investment quotas.

There's an expenditure limit?

Model CVM 588: If the investment reaches over R$10,000.00, CVM has a provision that restricts the investor's self-reported amount of annual profit or net worth to 10%.

Model OAV BACEN 2.921: No, but the investment must be made prudently according to its risk profile, projected return and liquidity needs, so pay attention to these considerations when making a commitment.

Can I make more than one project reservation?

Sure, you can make reservations and contribute to every project. You can monitor the contributions made in your Investor Panel for every project separately.

How do I get a share?

Model CVM 588: You obtain a protection that gives you the right to business VGV (General Sales Value). This title, as a loan contract, is your guarantee against any unforeseen event.

Model OAV BACEN 2.921: You acquire a security issued by a financial institution called CDBV (Binding Bank Certificate of Deposit). This security is linked to an enterprise debt you invest with the partner financial institution. Moreover, there is a parallel contract relating this project to this enterprise's VGV (General Sales Value).

Note that CDBV is not covered by the FGC (Credit Guarantee Fund).

How do I get my title?

Your bond will be released within 15 business days of the end of the funding period and made available in the relevant project on your investor panel.

Can I finish my investment early?

Sure, sell your share. Send an e-mail to [email protected] with the amount you want to offer. The shares would initially be sold to developers, other project partners, or third parties. However, this investment transfer will depend on any of these people's interest in taking their position and there is no guarantee from URBE.ME that this will happen.

May I invest off-line?

No, investments are made online. If you have any questions about how to proceed, you can call URBE.ME and they will be happy to direct you through each move.

How much can I invest?

Minimum R$1,000.00 investment. The maximum is the enterprise's funding limit. Investments must always be R$1,000.00 multiples.

When do I invest?

Whenever projects are open, you can invest. The period over which the investment offer is available is usually 20 days, but can be shorter or longer depending on the capital needs of the investor, or it  can expire sooner if the available shares are exhausted. Be mindful that deals can be split into more than one series with a few different characteristics.

What are series and how do they work?

Series are offer subdivisions. Each offer can have one or more series and have slightly different characteristics, depending on the date you make the investment. The estimated profitability and PSV share would be the same, as the business you invest in is the same irrespective of the sequence, but the minimum guarantee or remuneration for unmarketed units, for example, may differ. To know the company's specific characteristics you want to invest in, just click on the "Operation characteristics" tab on the company's page.

What's investment return?

The venture's profitability can vary with project factors and market variations. Each project has return expectations based on feasibility study in its summary. Better viability should seek rates equal to or above the SELIC* (reference interest rate). *There are no return assurances on expected interest rates, URBE.ME does not intervene with ventures or projected interest rates and does not guarantee projected yields. Prior to investing, read the prospectus and project regulations carefully.

Is the return to the investor determined from the venture product, subject to construction costs, promotion, among others? What's the "formula" equation for investor return?

The return depends on the enterprise's General Sales Value (PSV), not the developer's profit. When making an investment, the investor acquires the right to share the project's VGV, proportionate to the value invested. The return of the investor follows the formula: Return = VGV (in R$) * Investor participation.

When will I get my investment return?

After the start of the real estate unit sales, the results will be calculated quarterly and the transfer will be made at the end of the contract maturity as indicated in each project. No redemption is required, transferring is made automatically to the investor's indicated account.

Why not make the transfer (TED) directly to the entrepreneur?

CVM Model 588: By CVM rule, the money can not be under URBE.ME or the entrepreneur's custody until the end of the funding, so they use a partner payment company to keep the resources during the offer. When the fundraising process is over, funds are passed to the entrepreneur.

Model BACEN OAV 2.921: In this situation, as an intermediary of the project, the bank must pass the resources to the developer, and during the funding phase, the resources remain in an account held by URBE.ME in the partner financial institution. When the fundraising process is over, funds are passed to the entrepreneur.

Is investing online safe?

Investment is made from a user-owned account through TED or DOC. The investor provides evidence of his investment, and the resulting sums are deposited solely in his account.

Will this meet with legislation?

Until launching, each project undergoes a thorough review by URBE.ME (where less than 5% of proposals are approved) and then the project is accepted for funding in compliance with current regulations.

Model CVM 588: CVM controls URBE.ME which  was Brazil's first collective investment site to register.

Model OAV BACEN 2.921: URBE.ME is Banco Topázio's correspondent. They intermediate the loan partnership and distribute CDBV securities to interested investors.

Is my investment safe?

All innovations available in URBE.ME must be registered as segregated properties. Affectation equity is a device that distinguishes client assets from contractor assets, giving creditors clarity about the future of the funds invested in the project. It is another assurance that the project will be completed.

Do I lose all capital invested in some unexpected case, such as work stoppage, ban or delays, as well as the entrepreneur's insolvency?

CVM Model 588: In the case of the purchasing company's bankruptcy, receipt or insolvency, you will be listed as a creditor to recover your investment. If the contractor suspends the job, the business is obligated by contract to return the capital modified by the minimum contractual guarantee defined in its loan contract. URBE.ME usually has a minimum guarantee, but it will vary depending on each project and the sequence in which the investment took place, being a percentage of the CDI.

Model OAV BACEN 2.921: If the developer fails to pay the debt after a certain time, the partner financial institution's credit claim will be transferred to URBE.ME. They will be responsible for paying the developer and passing the money on to the investors as soon as payment is made.

In the case of the developer's bankruptcy, receivership or insolvency, the partner financial institution or URBE.ME will be identified as creditors.

Which are the risks of the investment?

The return on your investment varies with each project's precise definition and depends on the developer's debt payment. It is best to carefully analyze all details presented by the entrepreneur, so that each investor can make their own risk X opportunity ratio assessment.

Where do I move money?

Model CVM 588: Money is held in the account of a URBE.ME payment partner under the CVM provision and will only be transferred to the developer's account after the issuance of loan contracts.

Model OAV BACEN 2.921: The money is held on the partner financial institution's URBE.ME account and will only be transferred to the developer's account after the securities have been released.

Based on which criteria are projects selected for the platform?

Projects are chosen based on three fundamental pillars: financial health and developer experience, project economic feasibility, and positive urban impact.

Can I do TED?

Yeah, it's one way to move your contribution. The payment is made from the transferee's account. If it's a joint account, send evidence of the transfer and the joint account to [email protected]

My TED cap does not let me to deposit the entire reservation amount, what can I do?

If your bank account's TED cap is less than your reservation amount, you can split the amount into two or more transactions before you complete the booked amount. Bear in mind that in this case the reservation acceptance date is 1 business day after the last installment of funds has been deposited in the account for receiving contributions.

May I perform DOC?

Yeah, it's one way to pass your contribution. The payment is made from the transferee's account. If it's a joint account, send evidence of the transfer and the joint account to [email protected]

How is it different from a property fund?

Using the URBE.ME program, you invest with greater estimated returns directly in a single company, selecting the one that respects your community and city you associate with. Since it's a single company, it also performs accountability and transparency.

What's my duty when it comes to the development?

Since it is a company loan to build the venture, the lender has no legal, corporate, labor or other responsibility for the venture. All these duties belong exclusively to the entrepreneur. The investor is only interested in two aspects: unit sales and selling speed. The higher the sales volume within the planned timeline, the greater the investment's profitability.

What if the captured value isn't reached?

When the minimum amount is not met to make the venture viable, the money invested will be returned to investors directly in the registered account.

What happens when capture stops?

Once funding is closed, participants' investment security is released. The electronic version of the paper will be submitted within 20 working days, and is as accurate as the physical version. The document, digitally signed by the developer and two witnesses, will be on your panel for the duration of the project and you can download it if you wish.

What happens if the deal terms do not sell all real estate units?

The value of the remaining units will be charged at 100% of the CDI accrued in the period.

How will my investment be taxed and how will I report this in my income tax?

Model CVM 588: Your investment is a developer loan. Therefore, tax is withheld directly at source, i.e. tax collection is the developer's responsibility. You will report your investment as a loan in the "Goods and Rights" segment, classifying it as "income subject to exclusive source taxation." An income statement must be submitted for income tax reporting purposes.

Model OAV BACEN 2.921: The investment is treated as a CDB, and the cost is discounted at source. Under 'Assets and Rights,' it should be listed under 'Fixed Income Application.' An income statement must be submitted for income tax reporting purposes.

What's the rate of this tax?

URBE.ME's investment is subject to the same tax laws as any fixed-income investment. The rates apply only to capital gain (interest), decrease and apply as defined in the table below.

Up to 6 months - 22.5 percent

6-12 months - 20.0 percent

12-24 months - 17.5 percent

From 24 months - 15.0 percent



Urbe.me main features and highlights

Bottom line
transparency of a financial investment, all online.
Fees: -
Min Deposit: $1,000
Target returns: 12%
  • Real Estate Investment
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