Top Property Investment Opportunities


If you wish to invest in properties but do not wish to bring a lot of capital into the arena, read our list of the top investment opportunities for properties. Property investment is a huge enterprise with a possibility for profitable yields on investments. If you’re investing in single-family home or multiple-family buildings, property is a sure-thing investment.

Bigger popularity of properties as an investment opportunity implies increased rivalry. And investors have to align themselves with the top offered investment brokers in the sector.

Real estate brokerages handle real estate deals, such as putting together contracts and managing the acquisition and selling of assets. But all of this provides somewhat different services at differing rates. In this post, we gathered certain fantastic investment real estate possibilities from the best brokerages to assist you in forming a viewpoint.

Summary of the top property investment opportunities


This firm assists you in comparing several investment assets at once in order to get the top option.

They offer financial and management consulting resources and info on a number of assets. The numerous choices help you come to the best investment for your particular wish list.


There aren’t any start-up or membership charges connected to CrowdStreet. The brokerage functions as a market for investment and to so as a particular broker service.

But, you have to be an approved investor to go to the next stage with the investments.

You will require:

  • Net worth more than one million dollars.
  • Yearly profits of more than USD200K (USD300K for couples).
  • Membership in a trust with overall five million dollars in assets.

If you picked the Blended Portfolio service, you’ll have to cash out a 1 percent management charge, plus a 2 percent – 2.75 percent management fee for the 1st year. When this year ends, the percentage will fall to 0.25 percent.

Opportunities for investing

There are 3 investment choices offered through CrowdStreet:

  • Direct Investment – You may invest straight with sponsors by picking as many deals as you want to carry on.
  • Fund Investment – You place a single investment amount to a mixed portfolio of thirty to fifty assets. The management charge is one percent and the min. investment for a fund to invest is USD25K.
  • Managed Investment – CrowdStreet can handle your assets in total – supplying you with the capital you need. You will have tp cash out USD250K in advance to make use of this program. You will also pay a management charge of 2 to 2.25 percent, which is reduced to 0.25 percent after a year.


Perfect for people new to the real estate investment sector, RoofStock offers a range of simple-to-use characteristics. They make for an open introduction to the real estate marketplace.


Signup comes at no cost with Roofstock. Its extra charges are also smaller than the majority of investment brokers offer because the service is tech-based. Sellers should expect a marketing fee of 2.5 percent. Also, there is a thirty-day warrant linked to all investments. If you’re not happy with your house, they’re going to re-list the property.

Options for investing

RoofStock’s aim is turned towards single-family rental investing. Lots of the assets listed on their site have occupants in them. This characteristic is one of the lots of reasons why RoofStock is simple to use. As investments, they may bring you quick passive earnings.

It is also worth noticing that all RoofStock assets have to be approved prior to listing. The clause gives more protections to your investing ventures. They have high expectations of their listed assets.


The first feature that can be seen on their web page is their dedication to real estate quality. They take into consideration less than ten percent of asset submissions. If you’re investing in an EquityMultiple house, you can be assured the quality is there.


There is a yearly charge of 0.5 percent, in addition to a ten percent decrease in the investor’s income after the original investment is recovered. This strategy is what analysts call profit sharing.

Options for investing

You have to be an authorized investor to utilize the services of EquityMultiple. The investment choices open to you are:

  • Common equity.
  • Preferred equity.
  • Syndicated Debt Investments in CRE.
  • Investments in a Qualified Opportunity area.

Realty Mogul

This firm is distinguished from many rivals since it accepts approved investors and non-approved investors. This versatility encourages more customers to use the service of Realty Mogul, but it also leads to bigger charges.


A 1 percent – 1.5 percent management charge is incurred, with bonus charges added – depends on the facility you use. You’ll also going to have a minimum of USD5k in an account.

Options for investing

There are 3 forms of investment offered via Realty Mogul:

  • Joint project equity.
  • 1031 exchange.
  • Non-traded real estate investment trusts.

Just approved investors may invest in a joint venture capital. Those who aren’t approved may invest in non-traded real estate investment trusts.


Fundrise helps you to invest in assets with a min. account fund of as little as USD500. This low benchmark opens up services to investors who don’t have the riches needed by lots of property brokers.


A management charge of one percent shall apply.

Choices for investment

A number of electronic real estate investment trusts and electronic Funds are on offer across 4 investment portfolios, depending on your needs.

The min. account balance needed goes up on the basis of your account form as shown here:

  • USD500 min. for base account.
  • USD1k min. for core plans.
  • USD10k min. for advanced account.
  • USD100k min. for a premium account.

This range of funds makes it possible for investors to be versatile even though they maybe have a limited budget.


As the name suggests, Streitwise is more aimed for real estate investment trusts than other property brokers. If you are looking for real estate investment trusts especially, you hit the jackpot.


There’s a three percent contribution charge and a two percent yearly management charge.

Options for Investment

Accredited and non-approved investors may use their servies. They deliver a complete portfolio, mainly made up of offices rather than homes.

Their goal is to make commercial investment options open to low-income investors.

You Invest

They are J.P.’s newest investment platform. You can utilize You Invest Trade – an independently-led trading network where you are free to invest in mutual funds, stocks, exchange traded funds, options, and fixed income; or you may utilize their portfolios – which are previously-blended and controlled portfolios.


If you create a You Invest Exchange account to buy REIT exchange traded funds, you will receive unrestricted zero-commission online purchases for exchange traded funds, and individual stocks and options trades. Some option contracts are subject to a premium and some other small penalties are levied.

If you plan to create a Portfolios account with them, you will have a flat management fee of 0.35 percent.

Options for Investment

You can create any of the mentioned account forms with You Invest Trade:

  • Individual taxable broker account.
  • Conventional Individual Retirement Account.
  • Roth Individual Retirement Account.

And you may invest in these shares within the account forms:

  • Stocks
  • Set income
  • Mutual funds
  • ETFs
  • Options

With their Portfolios, you will be connected to a previously-mixed offer of assets on the basis of your risk tolerance and the rest of your financial objectives.

There is a min. investment threshold of zero dollars for You Invest Trade and five hundred dollars for their Portfolios.

Top Investment Opportunities in the Property Sector

How we put together the list:

We considered the following things when putting together the list:

  • Low entry barrier – While certain opportunities in this article need more than USD10k to let you begin, lots are considerably lower. The aim was to let you to invest in properties for a considerably lower sum than you could by purchasing a total investment real estate asset.
  • Simple to utilize – All of the mentioned platforms are user-friendly, have a sleek web interface, and a lot of supporting material on how to make the most of the research open to you.
  • Investment choices – We have selected companies that offer you a range of investment options while remaining in properties. This counts in stuff like real estate investment trusts, accounts, and real investment assets.
  • Fair charges – In viewing the form of investment (property investments are not as low in prices as stock investment) we aimed for companies that had a) straightforward prices and b) rational prices for what was given.

What’s a property investment broker?

Property investment brokers link investors to the available assets. They present a range of assets across specific portfolios and carry out due diligence tests to make sure that the assets provided are on par with standards.

In certain cases, brokerages operate much like property agents, except that they deal with investors rather than homeowners. They have protection for your transfers and heaps of tips that you would not have entry to in another way.

Charges connected with brokers are deducted from your investment income, so you won’t be scammed out of your yields.

Why use a property investment broker?

There are several causes explaining why you need to use property investment brokerages properly. To make it a little simpler to absorb, we’ve collected certain important points:

Simplified links

You can find it difficult to locate a reliable developer or owner of an asset that is worth of your investments. It is difficult to know what prospects are worthy of exploring while you are alone. Property investment brokerages bridge this void and supply you straight with desirable assets.

Financial security:

Many property investment brokerages conduct security tests both on the listed assets and on the developers and owners that list them. This check brings down the risk. It stops an investor from pouring capital into an asset that would disappear or shut down months later.

Fast return of capital

Certain investment brokers (like RoofStock) have investment assets already occupied by renters. With these choices, you will start seeing capital gains on your investments – nearly instantly.

Why you should not utilize a property investment broker?

You do not have the capital

To make a major investment in the property world, you have to spend a lot of money. This can be risky if you do not have the income to back up your investment. A big number of investment brokers need a min. amount in thousands of dollars, which is even before you take into consideration yearly management expenses and other charges.

You didn’t commit

Investment and properties are the couple of the quickest shifting capital marketplaces in the financial arena. Combine them, and you’ve got a formula for a very lucrative, albeit difficult, marketplace outlook. Though, the aim of brokers is to render all of it more transparent, but this is not a fast-paced scheme for big income. Investing in properties requires time and commitment if one wishes to see a real payoff.

What to search for in a property investment broker?

Rich background

To be specific, you should be aware how knowledgeable the broker you chose is when it comes to your local area. Lots of the ‘novice’ brokers conduct business totally over the web, so they are probable to source assets from around the country for your investments. Though, it might also be a possibility to follow the places that they most promote, and whether that is in line with your needs.


Success in investing concerns a wide-ranging partnership that places you in the top position to grab a good chance. Registering with a broker helps you use those connections in the best way possible. Do not waste your capital on a broker that cannot give you a top chance.


If the broker is talking of the chance to make tens of thousands in investments with them in the first month, pass on them.

Investment is a marathon. In properties, this risk-aware approach is particularly important. The more founded in the real world, the predicted results the investment brokerages are giving a person, the more reliable the business they will seem.

In Conclusion

Property investments can be a difficult venture to step into, but it could be quite satisfying if done the right way. In the article we have talked about some fantastic opportunities for the top investment platforms in the property sector.

But, determining which one is correct for you depends on your financial conditions and objectives. If you are searching for a quickly liquidated investment asset or a long-haul stream of income, there is a broker that’s right for your needs.