6 Up and Coming Markets for Property Investing

Contrary to popular belief, it is a common misconception that investing in a property is one of the more costly investing options than any other asset out there. The truth might come as a surprise; real estate is considered one of the most secure wealth stores, as it increases in value over time, as well as it brings income through the rental option. A lot of factors are included in the income determination and investment prospects, one of the main being the attractiveness of a certain country, as some are more popular than others. 

When you are browsing for the prime property investment opportunities, it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t need to reside, nor be based in the county yourself. The vast majority of countries have licensed agencies doing the legwork, like looking after short-term landlord responsibilities or making your long-term investments pay off. This article will list the 6 up and coming real estate markets located all across the globe that may be worth the attention.

  1. France

When investing in French properties, people tend to be cautious because of the common belief that these properties show a tendency of being quite expensive, thus getting lower yields. France is considered one of the most visited countries in the world, which makes it a safe haven for investors and their properties and can insure year-round bookings. Paris is hands down the most popular location dubbed the City of love, but besides France’s capital, new hotspots keep emerging such as Nice, Lyon, Strasbourg or any other city or region high on the list of the most visited tourist destinations in France. One of the main things to keep in mind when investing in French properties is the fact that real estate assets in France constantly increase in value, which applies particularly for Paris. This means that despite the yearlong reservations, if you’re pursuing the rental option, when you finally come to sell, it’s likely that your property’s value soared considerably. 

  1. Cyprus

The up and coming Mediterranean paradise island attracts more and more attention by the day. If not for the beaches and extravagant nightlife, then for the business, as it represents a new regional business hub and draws quite a number of business travelers. If a business traveler is staying more than a few days in the country, they prefer renting a villa rather than staying in a hotel. The Cyprus government has been making a huge effort in the past couple of years to draw investors into the country. One good example of that is the governmentally issued rental tax at zero percent for the first $23,000 you invest. It seems that this attempt is paying off immensely, given that investors spent €1,2 billion on residential real estate property and infrastructure development on the island. European investors should undoubtedly look at Cyprus as a serious investing option and a potential high return investment.

  1. The United Arab Emirates

If you’re looking to obtain a membership into the most exclusive clique of international travelers, you simply must consider Dubai as an investment destination. UAE is praised as one of the most luxurious and lavish vacation destinations in the world, which makes it a great investment opportunity. There is one additional convenience – buying a property on the UAE grounds also brings you dividends. A large expatriate population is another advantage and can guarantee a stable, long-term rent option, but also a high-income tourist rental option. One thing is certain; the demand for these properties is always high in an ever expanding environment such as UAE. On top of all of this, the country is considered one of the most tax-friendly in the world, with rental taxes at five percent. Low income taxes also ensure tenants having more funds to spend on luxurious rental properties.

  1. Belize

Belize is one of the few countries seen on those heavenly looking vacation destination photographs, with white sandy beaches, lines of palm trees, dense jungles and yearlong sunshine. The word is spreading fast about all the upsides and perks it has to offer to its tourists, which implies that there is already a rise in the number of visitors and that the trend is set to move forward. A good investor knows that choosing the right location in the right time for short term tourist rentals can give extensive income in the future, but also up to eight percent of net yields. 

  1. Costa Rica

As a Central American country with Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, rainforests and a growing number of tourists, Costa Rica is one of the new investing hotspots property-wise. Looking at this location from an investors point of view, Costa Rica also has high yields and low tax percentages on property rentals. The Costa Rican government is one of those friendly governments that encourages foreign investment; they designed the property buying process to be straightforward and uncomplicated. Extremely reasonable entry pricing makes Costa Rica a very affordable real estate investment location, as it doesn’t require a bottomless bank account. 

  1. Croatia

Last but not least, with more than a thousand islands and approximately 6,000 kilometers of Adriatic coastline, Croatia represents a pearl among Mediterranean destination locations. It gained additional popularity after the filming of the hit series “Game of Thrones” took place in the town of Dubrovnik, which attracted more tourists eager to catch a glimpse of King’s landing. As a prominent tourist market, foreign investment is on the rise, so whether you are looking to rent out to business travelers or to some of the 20 million tourists who visit yearly, the property you buy in Croatia will most definitely be booked solid for short-term rentals throughout the year.