Disclosed – The German Property Investment Firm Expanding Into the United Kingdom

A Berlin investment firm carried on expanding by opening an entity in the United Kingdom.

LINUS Capital funds debt and mezzanine capital property ventures via the self-managed debt fund of Β£320M. The firm gives seasoned private and institutional investors the ability to engage in these transactions while serving as an anchor investor, giving a minimum of 25 percent of the investment from its debt fund.

Fueled by its performance in it origin country – the firm has funded over forty property ventures with capital of more than Β£450M in just 4 years -the firm is currently exporting its one of a kind business strategy to the United Kingdom.

The new office of the firm will be located in Mayfair, London, and will be managed by the a couple of directors, Lukas Endl and Lee Abdul Sow.

Filling a void on the United Kingdom marketplace?

The company will concentrate on investment chances of between Β£5M and Β£50M in London and other big cities.

The small to middle-marketplace sector provides them and their co-investors good chances as they fill a big marketplace void. As existing property financiers have halted lending operations in the United Kingdom because of worries around the pandemic and Brexit, there’s a unique chance to scale their operations fast.

Their entrepreneurial strategy, along with the possibility to offer higher gearing than a majority of other lenders provides them a marketplace advantage.

The two managing directors have vast experience in the property and alternative investment sectors and have already developed a large presence in the United Kingdom.

Lukas Endl attended Real Estate Finance at Cambridge and has introduced ventures in McKinsey. Before arriving to LINUS, Lee Sow was employed at Credit Suisse’s financial sponsors team and Oaktree’s high-performance credit team in London, making him knowledgeable of the credit marketplace.

Β£100 million investments this year

For David Neuhoff, CEO of LINUS, the marketplace in the United Kingdom provides lots of chances. He said that London remains the No. 1 European capital marketplace and one of the world’s most significant property marketplaces, even with Brexit.

The city carries on attracting significant capital from investors over the world. Even though the marketplace is competitive, one can see a big opportunity here. By leveraging the vast on-site background of their staff, their lean structure and quick decision-making procedures, they can offer funding within a brief small timeframe – this is their main competitive advantage.

During this year, the company is planning on investing up to Β£100 million in the United Kingdom.