Diving into (Local and Online) Property Investment Clubs


All over the States, property investment clubs connect investors to education, resources and a targeted network. Beginner and professional property investors are part of the club for sharing data on property investments, locate local private money lenders and exchange resources.

This could come as a surprise for you, particularly if you are new to the industry, but the truth is you need other property investors when you are involved in the property industry.

But why does one need to connect with “rivals”?

Why is it necessary to interact with other property investors?

If you are new to the game, others who are in the same field and saw success could be a valuable source of information.

You can learn from them, offer referrals and point you to resources that would otherwise take you a while to score on your own.

Those with experience can also mentor you, maybe. Lots of those who succeed in the property industry began as mentees.

Additional Points for Discovering and Linking with Investors in Your Field

Property investors are deal makers

No one will buy every deal they spot. When you become part of the property network, it is easy to buy something other property investors don’t actually need. You can also end up selling them deals you do not want.

Property investors are linked to each other

Property investment is a team sport, although it might not feel so. Nobody can do this on their own – fix and flip investors, single family landlords, CRE investors… Everyone needs a group around the for support, from attorneys to real estate managers. Among your colleague investors you will spot the best of the best in the trade business.

Property Investors are Partners.

You create good deals, not locate them. This goes not just for scoring a good real estate deal, but also for working with partners. The appropriate property investing partner on the right deal will assist you in growing your property investing adventures quicker and with more success.

Locating Property Investors in Your Area

These days, you network successfully both online and live. Here are some great ways for scoring property investors in your targeted investment areas.

ConnectedInvestors.com provides a variety of methods to communicate with investors wherever you pick. In comparison to other social media, ConnectedInvestors links similarly minded people who invest in properties. This firm is the easiest and quickest way to connect with other investors.

On the webiste you can:

  • Locate investors in properties
  • Enter or build communities for real estate

The great thing about Connected Investors is that it links you with online tools and resources, too. For instance, if you got a wholesale offer and wish to alert local investors, all you got to do is quickly upload it to the investment property Marketplace. Your deal is made known to others in no time!

Other online services

Craigslist Ads – Local investors, like wholesalers, can be found on Craigslist. Check for “We Buy Houses” advertisements or browse through property ads to find posts relevant to the purchase of assets, investment real estate and cash purchasers.

LinkedIn – While local property investors can be identified, LinkedIn is not designed to target searches that you need. The method of locating locals is a far bigger task than using a more industry-oriented platform like Connected Investors.

How to Join These Investment Clubs

There is a good reason why joining a REIA is a great move. This stands for a Real Estate Investor Association group that’s a part of the National REIA. See the directory in order to find a REIA group in your area.

You will see property investors in a number of activities – real estate and cash brokerages, flippers, landlords, wholesalers, together with other parts of investing. Some property investment clubs have branches tailored for flippers, landlords, beginner investors, etc. How much you will pay comes down to your category.

Local Property Investment Networking Meetings

Not every local property investment club belongs to the REIA network. Simply browsing Meetup.com will assist you find local investment meetup organizations.

Guerrilla strategies for scoring property investors in the area

Property auctions

You need to be at the right place when needed to. Auctions can be those places for meeting good contacts. Courthouse auctions and other ones will be frequented by wholesalers and property investors. Do not miss the chance to introduce your career while there.

Bandit Signs

You can see these everywhere, stating how they buy houses. Investors in charge of those are great contacts, since they are deep in the biz. Call them up, tell them about yourself, share your information and arrange a meeting. Ask the investors where the network with other ones and actually show up.

Effective networking guide

  • Set the aim of meeting 5 or more new people at every gathering.
  • Venture into one or a couple of new groups a month.
  • Bring your business cards with you.
  • Mingle.
  • Don’t sit aside people you know.
  • Get involved. Volunteer.
  • Be kind.
  • Set the target of what you want from every meeting.
  • Be able to give in order to get back.

Extend Your Scope

Nearly every successful company has a website. No matter if you’re purchasing, selling or renting, people want to find your business on the web. There are several options for web pages, but few are explicitly designed to manage the property investment market.

Your Network is Your Net Worth

Learn how you’re going to thrive in this industry and you’ll definitely come across the value of developing your connections. Mingling and networking has a great influence in this industry. Time and effort is one of the best investments you can make.