Great training courses in real estate


Investing in real estate requires intellect, a strong view of the market and the capacity to adjust and surmount.

This also calls for awareness of how the economy works. It provides almost infinite possibilities, particularly once you hit the intermediate or advanced levels and start managing vast assets and multiple projects.

Nevertheless, real estate developers know that in order to succeed you have to invest continuously in education and learn new skills.

Best investment courses in real estate

  • Real Estate Investing: Scratch by Udemy bulk real estate-Get this course
  • How to Build Your Property Portfolio from Udemy Scratch-Get this course
  • Udemy Commercial Real Estate Investing 101-Get this course
  • Real Estate Careers: Udemy Investing Vs Dealer Vs Commercial-Get this course
  • Udemy ‘s Complete Guide to Get Started as a Real Estate Agent – Get this course
  • Udemy’s Master Class in Real Estate Development-Get this course
  • Udemy ‘s Advanced Real Estate Methods-Get this course
  • How to Handle Udemy Company Real Estate Activities-Get this course
  • Udemy’s real estate syndication process-Get this course

What to look for in an investment course in real estate

When you’re searching for the right course online (or any other course in this matter) figure out exactly what you want to learn. After determining what you’re after, then choose which one best fits you.

Tell yourself what the course entails and how it addresses what you want to know, who carries out the course and how trustworthy it is. You can afford it, too? Here’s a word or two about every single consideration:

How does it tell you?

If you are really learning how to be a successful passive investor, enrolling in a course about how to exchange day to day is futile. Sure, there are similarities and overlaps between the two skills, but once you start learning about margin, beta and moving averages, it doesn’t mean much to you.

So be very clear about what you’re looking for and make sure the course works on the very thing you want to master.

Your present degree of expertise or competency is another essential thing to remember. For instance, if you already have some knowledge of the subject, a course for beginners won’t be a good match.

What is going to tell you?

Whatever the area and stage, the best course has two key ingredients: a well-rounded curriculum and a high-quality teacher / instructor.

Make it a point to conduct thorough research on the individual or team that produced the course. The professor should have a good reputation with peers, as well as high student grades.

It may turn out that a course by a comparatively unknown / anonymous author is fine, but the chances are not great. Even, if a course has low scores and many critical comments, keep steering clear and searching.

How much is it going to cost?

A great course that has stellar ratings and rave reviews could be a poor fit because it could be too costly.

If anything like this happens, which happens more often than you would expect, just take a look more or reassess the strategy. If you want to continue the search, aim for the closest suit with a fraction of the cost ideally.

Our Top Picks

You can learn about the best online real estate investment classes and courses in the section below which will show you how to invest in real estate. The list was drawn up according to the requirements explained in the previous segment.

Great property opportunities for beginners in real estate

Real Estate Investing: Udemy Real Estate Wholesale from Scratch

To whom is it? Starters
Pricing: On sale

This tutorial is there for those who want to learn the ropes of wholesale real estate or if you want to brush up the basics. With over 1,000 students and an average rating of 4.9, this course is one of the best offers Udemy has to deliver in the beginner category.

The course offers a step-by – step guide on how to use minimum investment to get the most out of the real estate wholesale market. You must learn how to find property, contact the buyers, build the contract and close the deal.

The course is divided into 12 quick to consume lessons totalling about 45 minutes of video material, 12 online materials and four posts.

How to launch your property from Udemy’s Scratch portfolio

To whom is it? Starters
Pricing: For contract

If you are looking for the right way to start developing your real estate portfolio, you might be interested in how to develop your property portfolio.

Heather K. Woodward developed this course, and is now one of Udemy’s most popular introductory real estate courses. Out of around 250 students it has an average rating of 4.5. The ins and outs of portfolio building will teach you how to construct your property portfolio from Scratch.

You must know how to secure a mortgage correctly, and how imaginary contracts operate. You will also find tutorials on how to purchase non-deposit extra assets. For this course you do not need any previous experience in real estate.

Udemy Investing Commercial Real Estate 101

To whom is it? Starters
Pricing: On sale

Commercial Real Estate Investments 101 claims to offer everything a new investor needs to know about real estate. Justin Kivel, one of the most acknowledged experts in real estate investment, developed the course.

It has an average rating of 4.6 and approximately 2000 participants. Commercial Real Estate Investing 101 will show you how to read valuation metrics such as a pro, how to properly analyze the assets and the property acquisition tips and tricks. You’ll also know how to trade and secure a job in the industry. The only requirement is that you know the fundamentals of Excel.

The course includes several hours of instruction on film, three papers and three online materials.

Best for real estate developers hunting for expertise to sharpen

Careers of real estate: Udemy spends Vs Dealer Vs Commercial

To whom is it? Beginner-Through
Pricing: On sale

Once you learn the basics, you’ll need to choose your path and specialize in one area. Real estate professions can support you if you need help making the decision.

This short course addresses land investments from an investor, an advisor and a commercial real estate broker’s viewpoint. Each of the directions is clearly and simply set out, with all the benefits and drawbacks noted.

Alex Genadinik developed the course and it has an average rating of 4.3 and around 1,800 students on Udemy. This contains one-hour video tutorial and a single $19.99 post (currently on sale!)

Udemy ‘s Complete Guide to Start As a Real Estate Agent

To whom is it? Meanwhile
Pricing: On sale

The Complete Guide to Getting Started as a Real Estate Agent offers everything you need as a real estate agent to sharpen your skills and help novice agents get up to speed.

The course is currently on sale at Udemy, and is one of the finest courses on intermediate real estate. The Complete Guide provides lessons on finding clients, creating a steady income, marketing yourself as a real estate agent, managing contacts and time, building up your online presence and much more.

As for the qualifications, you must be either a student or a graduate of a school of real estate certificate.

Udemy’s Master Class for Modeling Immobilities

To whom is it? Then
Pricing: On sale

For any real estate investor who is worth their salt, the ability to represent data in an organized and professional way is a must. Give The Real Estate Development Modeling Master Class a look if you feel like you could revisit the modeling skills or take them to a whole new level.

This is one of the most popular modeling classes for real estate development on Udemy. It lays out everything you need in a simple and approachable way to create usable models. The only preconditions are that you have installed a computer with Microsoft Excel and a basic grasp of terms of real estate and finance.

And for Real Estate Experts

Udemy Modern Immobilien Flipping Techniques

Who is he for? Progressive
Pricing: For contract

Even seasoned investors with large portfolios need to invest in their education and new skills.

This is where the elegant little course comes in. Advanced Flipping Techniques for Real Estate is a short course on how to master and tame the high seas of real estate flipping. The course was designed by a leading authority in the field, Clint Coons.

You will either have to have an established real estate flipping company or you will have to be serious about starting one to profit from this course.

The video course of 90 minutes provides in-depth tutorials on flipping tactics, frequent flips and advanced asset protection. The course can be searched on Udemy.

How to manage corporate real estate operations by Udemy

Pricing: On contract
Commercial or corporate real estate management isn’t for everybody.

To avoid all the pitfalls it requires a lot of knowledge and experience. How to Manage Corporate Real Estate Operations is a brief and highly informative course developed by Illumeo Learning’s Samuel Jones on Udemy.

The course covers everything you need to know about preparing reports and estimates on variation, creating tracking systems for warranties, contracts and suppliers, and how to conduct risk management and tax appeals.

The Udemy Immobilien Syndication System

Pricing: On sale
Big property acquisition can be both thrilling and dangerous. It is not for investors starting out, as it needs a thorough knowledge of how the investment cycle is running.

Rather it is the final step extracting the cream from the rest. The Real Estate Syndication System is a course that provides lessons on raising money to invest in costly and big properties, coordination with buyers and partners, and investment cycle intricacies and subtleties. This course can be found on Udemy.

It has an average rating of 4.5 and over 1,600 students who are enrolled.

Last Thoughts

There’s always something new to learn and add to your toolbox, whether you’re a novice looking to get into the real estate investment world or a seasoned pros.

Should you find you need more than is on this list , please feel free to check these investment courses. If you are also interested in finance and the stock market, please read more about these books on finance and stock markets.