Land Leads: 15 Reliable Plans To Generate Real Estate Seller Leads

Real Estate Marketing

Maintaining a safe lead pipeline is important for realtors. If interest rates are small and temperatures are perfect, you could get inundated with customers. But around the corner there’s still a winter slowdown or market fluctuation to interrupt your momentum and your commission checks.

Prepare for the volatile nature of real estate with an arsenal of strategies to capture fresh leads. Here are a few methods for thinking outside the box and using methods other than mass mailers.

How To Get Real Estate Leads

Establish partnerships

Form mutually beneficial partnerships with other local businesses. Co-host happy hours, send gifts to clients or leads, and form local partnerships to help you go forward. Here are a few industries which real estate agents can find helpful in forming partnerships:

Insurance companies – Homeowners insurance is a must, but some homebuyers are also looking for rentals, flip homes, or businesses to turn their new property into a profit. It’s important having the right insurance.

Personal bankersThe biggest financial investment that many of us will ever make is a house. It can be a huge help for buyers to have a personal banker to run numbers by.

Commercial lendersLoan officers are an important part of the cycle of home ownership, but most homeowners have not got one in their back pocket.

Bakeries – Whether you are delivering cookies to potential customers to keep your real estate firm on their mind or buying goodies to make your open house extra sweet, talking to a bakery is never a bad idea for a real estate agent β€” or anyone else, actually.

Landscapers – Landscaping is often the first experience potential home buyers have. Encourage your sellers to have professional landscaping of their homes to set them apart from the crowd.

Cleaning services – No buyer wants to enter a home that seems a bit rough around the edges. Partner with laundry companies giving your clients affordable home cleanings.

Staging experts – Very few of us have HGTV-worthy show homes, but the home that sells is an aspirational home. Build partnerships with local stagers to quicker get the houses of your clients under contract.

Title companies – The partnership you’ll have with local title companies is a less glamorous than others but no less important. Have a few go-to companies to suggest to consumers.

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Hold a celebration for the housewarming moment

Did a well-connected customer move into their new home? Offer to cater the housewarming party β€” and make sure to drop by and mingle. It’s the best way to meet clients in similar periods of life that like the home you helped their friends buy.

Did they also call over new neighbors? Now’s the time to inquire if they were considering selling. Neighborhood sales generate interest from fresh homeowners, and a house-warming party can help land leads.

To make things more enticing for the new buyer, try to host an open bar, pay for the appetizers, or deck out the room with gorgeous flowers.

Become a restaurant regular

Meeting clients in a restaurant or local coffee shop to discuss terms and conditions? These meetings should are always scheduled at the same restaurant.

With the waiting staff, you’ll build clout, gain access to the best tables and become popular and plugged into your community. You could even get to know the other regulars β€” making you the perfect person to contact them when they are ready to purchase.

Send a note, written by hand

Pick up a pen, ink, and stamp and give a message to past or present customers. Give thanks for choosing you as their realtor, and remind them that you are available to answer questions, suggest a reliable moving company, or send important tax season documents.

A handwritten note to express your appreciation goes a long way. And that prevents you from becoming yet another unread subject line in the inbox of your clients. Feeling confident? A few days later, pick up the phone and request a referral.


Invest in paid publicity. Websites such as Zillow offer realtors advertising options β€” a smart move since 44 percent of buyers are looking for houses online before they reach a realtor.

Here are some successful ways to advertise yourself as an agent in the real estate sector:

  • Pay for billboards
  • Invest in Facebook ads
  • Do the same on LinkedIn
  • Answer questions about real estate on Quora
  • Canvas mailboxes in community with your card
  • Google Ads is your friend
  • Put ads in local newspapers
  • Blog for local or national real estate websites

And don’t forget that you can start work with property affiliate program.

Create your own website

Your brokerage will probably give you a page on its website, but creating your own web presence is important. This allows you to construct a personal brand, showcase your specialties and share reviews with satisfied customers. It also means that local market position is coherent β€” even if you swap brokerages.

Don’t hesitate to get your platform configured. Write blog posts addressing common questions or challenges that customers face during the procurement process. Create and share useful video how-to content. And, by having a newsletter sign up, capture email addresses.

Build a niche

Specialize in a certain neighborhood, historic homes, or help clients find the perfect apartment for themselves. Lean into it! Find your place, and become a pro. This helps you to target your marketing activities on a single audience and to build a brand among such buyers and sellers as the go-to realtor.

Here are a few common niches in real estate:

  • Historic housing
  • Houses from the mid-century
  • Luxury housing
  • Neighborhoods
  • Student rentals
  • School districts
  • Town or city
  • First-time humebuyers
  • Apartments or condominiums
  • Property in crisis
  • Senior housing
  • Holidays homes
  • Land
  • Commercial properties
  • Industrial real estate
  • Property rights
  • Properties that are for Sale by Owner (FSBO)

You don’t have to be an immediate expert. Decide which niche you are interested in, and immerse in it. If you want to develop a niche to help seniors find their perfect retirement homes, learn what their needs are, research local senior centers, senior-friendly neighborhoods and work with financial planners who understand the unique needs of seniors in your area for home buying.

Use “Coming Soon”

“Coming Soon” and “Sold” signs are a tried and tested way to generate interest in your properties and know-how. “Coming Soon” signs are building anticipation even before a property hits the market.

And the “Sold” signs are effective in gathering property land leads from buyers that have missed out on this property β€” and want you to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Head over to an open house

Not hitting open houses to land leads? You are losing out on this. A lot of buyers, or buyers soon to be, drop in without a handler. It’s the perfect time to get yourself introduced and offer to help them navigate the market.

Gain leads on LinkedIn

Join LinkedIn groups that you know deals with your target audience. Perhaps it’s a local real estate investor group or one for first-time homebuyers. Know the communities in which the customers invest time and add to the dialogue before they make a qualified presentation.

Consider sharing a blog article about up-and-coming neighborhoods in your city if you are posting in a real estate investment group. If someone in your first-time group of homebuyers asks a question about interest rates, have an educated answer in the comments.

When you have written a draft, follow up with interested prospects and agree to further answer their questions on a call.

Set up educational events

Host educational activities in your community. You will build your personal brand and drum up new business at the same time by teaching local consumers about buying their first home, what the market is like now, or what to look for in a rental property.

Not sure how to start? Partner for hosting home buying seminars over lunch with local businesses. Or co-host an event with a mortgage lender to boost the customer pool and maximize property land lead capacity.

Become a Redfin partner agent

Make the most of eight million Redfin users per month by becoming a partner agent. Redfin will send you motivated buyers in return for a commission of 30 percent.

93 percent of closed customers recommend their Redfin Partner Agent to a friend, so referrals shouldn’t be an issue. And if you just partner with Redfin and don’t work for them, you can remain with your company.

Don’t miss out on leads

Have you shown three properties to a prospect before she realized she was not ready to buy? Don’t throw away her number. Send her postcards sharing market developments, keep her on your email list and leave the occasional voicemail reminder that you would love to help her find that perfect home when she’s ready.

Sales professional Jeff Hoffman offers great tips for salesmen trying to get stalled deals back from the dead. The greatest piece of advice? Don’t repeat your close. If the prospect has offered you a soft yes β€” and then nothing β€” or a hard no, never follow up with the same close. Rather choose a different request.

But instead of following up a few months down the line with your stuck customer with a “Up to buy yet?” approach, try asking, “Would you be interested to join our first-time homebuyers seminar?”

This is an easier way and will keep your prospect from feeling squatted or pressurized.

Target “For Sale by Owner” listings

Only 3% of FSBO listings sell within the desired time, and a mere 18% reported receiving the correct price. Find these listings on Craigslist or other real estate platforms, and offer to help them make the most of their listing of property.

Share a blog post, or a couple of bulleted stats, on why the seller benefits from working with an agent, and ask if they would be interested to learn more.

Contact expired listings

Pull out expired MLS listings. Be alert of the fact that these buyers are likely to be unhappy with their new realtor, discouraged from not selling their house, and under a great deal of tension.

Open the conversation by explaining that you understand their frustrations, and share a few ways that you would be doing things differently to sell your home quickly.

Real estate land leads are the real estate industry lifeline. Give a try and see how these tactics benefit your business.