Mamacrowd starts its first crowdfunding effort in the property market in Italy


Mamacrowd is the pioneering equity crowdfunding site in Italy. The first Mamacrowd-hosted property crowdfunding campaign intends to finance a Milanese venture, with a min. financing goal of $4M (€3.6M). Three other crowdfunding equity sites, “generalist,” have agreed to get into real estate: CrowdFundMe, Backtowork and Opstart.

Mamacrowd launches the first crowdfunding program in the real estate market

A few days following their statement that they will be venturing into the property crowdfunding arena, Mamacrowd, Italy’s equity fund pooling site overseen by SiamoSoci, started its 1st effort to fund funding for a Milanese property venture.

The venture has a yearly return of investment of 13.3 percent, as compared to an approximated length of thirty months. The funding effort has an aim of four million dollars as the min. target, and the max they intend to go is 4.9M dollars, which equates to 4.4M euros. AS of today, almost 900K dollars (800K euros) has been gathered.

The G311 Green Living venture verified by Bureau Veritas

The venture G311 – Green Living offers the buying, development and selling of a region found on via Gallarate 311 in Milan. G311 – Green Living is sponsored by the special purpose firm G311 srl, which is owned by Vitofin, a firm from Milan. Since 1980, it has operated with success in the area of property development and handling. G311 srl, a company set up for the project and consisting experienced investors in the real estate branch in Milan who are actively engaged with an overall equity investment of $1.78M (€1.6M).

G311 – Green Living is accredited through Bureau Veritas, a firm from France that has been on the marketplace for nearly two centuries and is the main player in inspections to ensure safety and sustainability of property ventures and infrastructure. The asset’s position is strategic, as it takes just a few minutes by foot to get to the M1 Bonola station, a few minutes by car to get to Milan’s west ring road, the A4 Turin-Trieste motorway and the A8 Milan-Varese. Due to Expo2015 and MIND (Milan Innovation District), the Gallaratese district is very attractive, which rendered it the newest innovation center of Italy.

Three other “generalist” fund pooling equity platforms extended to the property sector: CrowdFundMe and Backtowork which already started two projects between 2019 and 2020 and, in more recent times, Opstart which made public the idea for a dedicated platform.

Mamacrowd is the pioneering equity crowdfunding platform in Italy

Mamacrowd was the pioneering site in Italy to provide equity crowdfunding in the country, with its first SiamoSoci platform, prior to the problem with the Consob Regulation. In September of last year the site opened a capital increase of $3.34M (€3M). Thanks to commitments and payments by shareholders and novel investors, $2.78M (€ 2.5M) has been subscribed.

This firm is also the country’s first equity fund pooling platform when it comes to funding: it was near 22M euros at the end of June 2019, as measured in the Politecnico di Milano’s 4th Italian Report on CrowdInvesting. The site closed five equity fund pooling projects for $4M (€3.6M) in Q1 of 2020.