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10 Real Estate Affiliate Programs (To Make Money With)

Can you use real estate to make money?

Yes, you can – that ‘s what I’m planning to invest in the near future.

Can you as an affiliate marketer make money with the real estate?

Very much so.

Today I’m sharing 10 real estate affiliate programs that you can look at if you’re in the RE market.

There is plenty of money to be made here (lots of high-ticket offers) and the commission rates throughout the industry are also pretty decent.

And if you’re brand new to affiliate marketing and want to operate in this field, stay tuned as below I’ll share some ways you can make money and get started in this field as well.

Let’s start with…


Since 2008, Zilpy has been one of the top places in real estate market analytics.

They use advanced data mining algorithms to track crime rate, school ratings, and demographics, using comparable properties similar to the neighbourhood.

Basically, you’ll be able to see how the rent of the target property is compared to the others in the neighborhood, zip code, and the town.

You’ll also be able to access information such as how safe the area is, whether it has great school, whether it’s a walkable neighborhood, etc…

You will find other ways to make money as a real estate affiliate by using Zilpy affiliate software to support landlords, real estate owners, appraisers, and cash flow buyers.

Joining is free and you will receive a confirmation link upon signing up, where you can find your affiliate referral link to start promoting real estate deals and earn commission for each successful sale.

  • Commission: Thirty percent
  • Cookie: Day 30
  • Average order: $30/month
  • Does include repeat sales

Affiliates in Real Estate

Affiliates in Real Estate

Real Estate Affiliates, as the name suggests, is one of the number one real estate affiliate networks used by thousands of marketers and real estate brokers around the world to earn money by promoting their highly paid affiliate offerings.

Their network is a great choice for all sorts of marketers, real estate agents and publishers looking to take advantage of the growth in crowdfunding for real estate.

There are three ways you can use their affiliate program to make money:

  1. Cost per action (CPA) – get paid when traffic is sent to your partner advertisers. This means your referrals must “complete an action” such as becoming a lead, signing up to your email list, buying something, etc. so you can get paid.
  2. Cost Per Lead (CPL) – being paid on a cost-per-lead basis every time you provide your leads to their affiliate advertisers.
  3. Revenue Share – receiving recurring commission for all transactions which your referrals enter into with any of their partner advertisers.

Want to learn more about real estate leads? Read our special article here.

After every 15 days you will receive payment for your referrals via either Wire Transfer or PayPal, whatever your chosen payment method is.

  • Commission: 25%.
  • Cookie: 60 jours
  • Payout is done twice a month

Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express is a leader in the real estate education industry.

Every day they help thousands of people launch a successful career in real estate. They also sell post-license courses on their nationally accredited website along with pre-license property courses.

For more than 20 years they have perfected their courses and trained 200,000+ pros in more than 30 states.

Affiliates earn money sharing their network with Real Estate Express. Once approved, along with other marketing tools, you’ll have access to a selection of logos and banner ads to add to your website or blog.

Their secure partner portal allows for real-time tracking of your sales and earnings.

They maintain the courses and certificates and take care of all the technical matters while promoting their website is all you need to do.

  • Commission: 25%.
  • Cookie: 100 days
  • Payout is done twice a month

Corporate Housing by Owner

Corporate Housing by Owner

Corporate Housing by Owner is the largest rental of corporate housing in the States and around the world.

The website is dedicated to helping property owners communicate with corporate landlords and find rentals furnished for the short term.

They have an exclusive database that makes it easy for people to search for properties in the U.S. and Canada, offering rentals to people looking for accommodation for a day, week, month or longer.

They offer a guarantee that a property can be rented out within 30 days. That guarantee can help their affiliates to increase conversions. The program has an EPC (Earnings Per Click) of $42.90.

They’ve collaborated with ShareASale to run their affiliate network, and affiliates are granted access to innovative banners, text connections, and banner ads to help them make sales.

You have the opportunity, as an affiliate, to earn 25 percent per sale.

Their Bronze Listing kit starts at $339 and averages $285.68 in revenue.

  • Commission: 25%.
  • Cookie: 45 days



Foreclosure is the world’s leading provider of distressed asset information and services where you can find many high converting property listings to promote as a real estate affiliate and earn heavy commission on every successful closing.

They are considered the national authority on disclosing defaulted real estate status, and their website and services produce one of the industry’s highest conversion rates.

All you have to do to become a Foreclosure affiliate is to create an account and wait for the team to approve it.

If the account is enabled, you will receive a special referral address that you can share and receive the credit an order is made with your cookie.

Foreclosure supplies all the tools its affiliates need to start referring customers in as little as five minutes.

  • Commission: 25%.
  • Cookie: 6 Months

All Things Real Estate

All Things Real Estate

All Things Real Estate provides the property agents with all the tools they need to market their business. They claim the materials for the real estate marketing do not need to be repetitive or bland.

Their online store has everything with modern designs from open house and yard signs, homebuyers manuals, listing and selling stickers, gifts, and more.

Banner ads, text links, their brand books, logos, promotional tools and more are available to their affiliates.

All Things Real Estate is partnered with Refersion to manage the affiliate program and allows you to track sales and commissions, download creatives and view the history of payments through their affiliate dashboard.

  • Commission: 15-20%
  • Cookie: 30 days

Homeowner Referral Network

Homeowner Referral Network

Homeowner Referral Network is a home-based company that prescreens and then refers to contractors for local home improvement.

Debra is a successful businesswoman who has assisted more than 300 other entrepreneurs to start their own HRN® businesses.

You have the opportunity to promote Homeowner Referral Network on your websites and blogs and earn high commissions if your audience is interested in starting up their own business.

Affiliates have access to a wide variety of connections and banner ads, as well as robust resources to help you monitor your revenue and evaluate your traffic

  • Commission: $100 to $325

Property M.O.B

Property M.O.B

Property M.O.B. is a resourceful real estate investment community offering everything from training courses, virtual coaching, trained virtual assistants, to advice from their real estate investor community.

Also, they offer real estate investors the best-selling CRM platform.

Affiliates can earn a commission by referring to real estate investors, colleagues, or viewers who you believe would benefit from the tools their offer.

Property M.O.B. uses InfusionSoft to administer its affiliate program and provide access to pre-designed banner ads and text links, as well as tools for tracking clicks and transactions within your own affiliate site.

They have high commission rates where affiliates can earn up to 25 percent sales commissions and recurring monthly commissions on membership plans.

  • Commission: 25 percent
  • Cookie: 30 days



Buildium was founded in 2002 and they claim to understand property management because they are properties managers themselves.

They grew their enterprise to more than 10,000 customers in 2014. They established scholarships for the BuildU and Women in Technology.

Today they sell their customers the best property management solution.

Buildium’s software helps property managers and real estate investors make their investments more effective and scale up portfolios.

Their software for property management can do everything from tracking budgets, managing rental listings, paying vendors, conducting comprehensive tenant screenings, communicating with tenants, vendors, and owners, and more.

Affiliates are able to join their program through ShareASale or Commission Junction. Both affiliate programs give you access to all the tools you need to start earning commissions on marketing and tracking.

Websites and blogs related to real estate are encouraged to apply.

  • Commission: 25%.
  • Cookie: 60 hours
  • Average customer sales amount is $57.54 with an EPC of $76.36 (Earnings per click)

House Plan Gallery

House Plan Gallery

House Plan Gallery is one of the best home designers in the States.

Their plans were built more than 13,000 times in the United States and Canada. Their highly functional floorplan design and cost-effective building capacity have won national awards.

They take great pride in designing beautiful floor plans and features that actually fit the everyday way that families live.

Their affiliate program is great for property agents, investors, or blogs related to real estate who can recommend their house plans to their followers and viewers.

As an affiliate, all you have to do is place a link to start earning commissions on your websites, blogs or email promotions.

  • Commission: 15 percent
  • Cookie: 365 days

Can You Make Money As A Real Estate Affiliate?

Make money as real estate affiliate

Sure, as you can see from the above commission rates that are being offered, it is quite obvious that there is money to be made in the real estate niche.

While this niche would take some degree of expertise to get started with – if you are genuinely interested in real estate you should seriously consider going into this niche as there are plenty of profits to be made here with a variety of different offers.

One thing you’ll need, which is a must in any niche for all real estate affiliate marketers – is to have your own web site.

Having said that, here is some additional useful advice…

How To Start A Real Estate Website?

A domain, a hosting plan and a WordPress site – these are some basics you’ll need.

This will at most mean about $100 a year.

You’ll need to build content on your website, too.

This content will be classified in Google, and you can then redirect your readers to any or all of the affiliate real estate programs listed above and make your money that way.

I’ve done some research and while the niche of the real estate is very competitive, there are still some gems you can try to target.

Look at some of those keywords I found using my reliable tool Ahrefs:

Ahrefs Real Estate keyword statistic

Last Words

So, that’s that.

10 high-paying, high-converting affiliate real estate and crowdfunding programs + the exact roadmap and strategy I’d follow to turn this niche into a money maker.