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12 Full-Proof Mortgage Lead Generating Tactics & Broker Ideas

Mortgage pros or ‘loan officers’ have to do mortgage lead generation, which is, obviously, generating leads or interest from those trying to find a mortgage. This is evident, but far from simple to master. This makes mortgage lead generation a sustenance of your enterprise and the key to your endless success. Like almost every business design, cling to old methods for generating leads and you also lose out on opportunities to people who have mastered contemporary strategies, most notably online advertising. Thus, you may ask, “How do I generate leads?” This isn’t to say that you need to purge yourself from cold calling, partnership-building attempts, direct mail and other kinds of conservative real estate affiliate marketing, however in the sake of being found by younger generations who reside online, you need to find out how to embellish your mortgage lead generating plans with strategies that attract potential clients to you –rather than the other way round. We investigate ideas and tactics about the way to generate mortgage broker leads off the internet and online.

Lead Generating Tactics

What are Mortgage Leads?

Mortgage leads are real estate financing leads and people who want to learn more about taking out a mortgage. To ensure a stable pipeline and, ultimately, operate a profitable mortgage business, ensuring a steady flow of mortgage leads is important for any mortgage professional.

How to Generate Mortgage Leads

Content is critical to creating mortgage leads

When you develop yourself as an expert in the mortgage business, your website becomes a quality lead generator. Your first objective is to get the traffic to your site. Your second is building trust with first time visitors. Your third is making offers that inspire visitors to provide their contact details.

All three of these are key to great content.

Written content is the first and most visible challenge to tackle — and with a blog, you’ll actually to accomplish that. Publish the answers to commonly asked mortgage industry questions, trends, and the local market.

Nonetheless, many of your prospects are likely to gravitate towards material that is quicker and easier to access, so consider making some effort to create:

  • Video clips
  • Pictures
  • Infographics
  • Checklists
  • Customer profiles
  • Newsletters
New Home Mortgage website

Here’s an example of a clean sample e-newsletter borrowed from a Matt Cotton & Associates website article.

The riches in the niches

This headline, however cliché, rings true in highly competitive industries. You have one specialty? If so, show it to yourself. If this is not the case, consider spending time and energy in producing one. Maybe:

  • You have the expertise in a particular loan programme.
  • You’ll focus on a particular type of real estate or borrower.
  • You have credible stories about niches you can tell.
  • You’re more professional, insightful or even entertaining than your rivals.

Getting social

Your content is your ticket to add substantially to online discussions, a.k.a. social media. Provide regular and creative sharing of your content. Consider these:

  • Publish and post short videos on YouTube, and other networks.
  • Advise with links to your content via Facebook and Twitter should be offered.
  • Build a followers community on Facebook.
  • Post pictures of customers at closings.
  • Develop a group of followers on LinkedIn, if you are experienced in commercial lending.
  • Create Facebook and/or LinkedIn Groups.
  • Forge relationships on LinkedIn for possible new partnerships.
  • Post it on Instagram and Pinterest if you make the visual content.
Primary Residential Mortgage Social Channel

This mortgage company is wisely showcasing via its Facebook posts the ‘client closing.’

Work potential local listings

List your business in the corresponding local directories and make sure your profiles are accurate and up to date.

Set up a Google My Business account for free. This should:

  • Help your company show up in local search results.
  • Show your company listings in Google Maps
  • Enable you to gather feedback and create reputation
Google My Business - Real Estate Marketing

Chances are, if you do what I’ve done, search for ‘San Jose, CA home loan refinancing,’ you’ll look into the prospect of doing business with one of the companies shown on this Google My Business and Google Maps show.

Take reviews seriously

I have mentioned reviews. They are golden. Positive reviews help the search results and credibility on review-centric services such as Yelp win the battle for attention.

Think about your own buying habits, you’re likely looking for reviews to help you decide everything from watching, wearing, driving, listening and reading, to dining, traveling and shopping, and of course which service professionals deserve your business.

Just ask your satisfied customers to write a review after a successful closing. Make it simple by giving them the contact they’ll need. Often, in one way or another say thanks — with a note, a present or an reward.

GoPrime Mortgage Review


Advertise your online lending services with programs like:

  • Search Engines pay-per -click (PPC)
  • Ads on social media/sponsored content
  • Native ads on discovery platforms

See how AIG used exploration to generate interest in its mortgage insurance service.

AIG mortgage insurance service
  • Online banners on the websites concerned
  • Retargeting ads
  • Web rankings
  • Ad Zillow

Offline advertising, with the following:

  • Local print magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Outdoor

Get published

Write an article, and contribute to local magazines for real estate. And, you could also use online publications to pursue this powerful lead generation approach — local, and beyond.

Send emails

Make flyers and mailers to advertise the best loan items, and potential loan rates.

As you already know, forming relationships with real estate brokers and builders in your area is perhaps the most reliable way to get the leads in mortgage. Here are few tips for realtors to begin with:

  • Identify realtors with numerous listings in local real estate magazines and search local websites.
  • To present yourself and make an initial touch visit the real estate offices. Ask if you can help their company fulfill its needs and expand. Follow-up, too.
  • Visit the open houses to connect with realtors. Request authorization to leave business cards and brochures there.

However powerful alliances with real estate agents are, most realtors and builders will probably already have preferred partners that they trust in lending. So it’s necessary to diversify the sources of referral, these may include:

  • Health insurers and financial advisors
  • CPAs
  • Estate Planners
  • Divorce Lawyers
  • Local banks or credit unions (which have no mortgage services)


Besides creating affiliations with real estate affiliates and realtors and other types of professionals in your area, networking within the community is also fruitful.

  • Join local organizations like a charity, PTA, or cause. Volunteer and sit on committees.
  • Tap your own network. Create a list of the individuals you know, and give them a letter describing your services.
  • Attend trade shows and/or set up a stand at exhibitions and conferences.
Freedom Mortgage Post

Freedom Mortgage donates to the USO and its local chapter and raises awareness through social media.

Do you interest to know more about other types of real estate networking? Read here.

Buy leads

You will hit qualified candidates that are vigorously looking for a loan by buying new home mortgage and refinancing leads. Jay Conners, Global Data Mining’s seasoned business development officer, gives these tips on buying mortgage leads.

  • Consider your budget – If you’re on a tight budget, narrow your search to those lead companies that accept lower minimum levels.
  • Get answers – Find out where the company gets its leads and pay attention to those who recycle or resell them. Non-exclusive leads tend to sell 3-5 times. Be prepared to pay a bigger price for exclusive leads.
  • Preview the leads – Renowned providers can allow you to view real estate financing leads before making a purchase. Some offer filters that enable you to qualify as many leads as you wish.
  • Search for a return policy – Operating with a list supplier with a generous return policy is your best option. Learn all on what you are walking into when looking for company reports.
  • Remember customer support – Be mindful of how the business treats the phone itself.

Tap into MLS listings

According to RatePlug, the leading mortgage marketing platform provider, 88 percent of buyers search online and view property listings. Use Multiple Listing Service (MLS) mortgage lead generation databases that specialize in real estate. This will help uncover potential leads and then get in touch with sellers with data on lending services.

MLS listings - Real Estate Marketing

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