Research Of Fifty Thousand Real Property Shows America’s Most Wanted Markets


Much of the data on property investor behavior is a rear-view mirror method and a slow predictor of marketplace spaces. We got the gist on what is going to happen. Here’s the newest info on the most sought-after markets in the States for property investors.

Here is the list of the top 10 cities in the United Cities that get the most activity form investors, with data taken from ongoing trends and forecasts.

The Top 10 Marketplaces for Property Investments

Chicago, Illinois

Around 4.1 percent of assets sold in 2017 were fix and flips – and the numbers are strong for house flippers – the median gross profit for flips in the popular city for real estate in the third quarter is just over 86,000 dollars.

Atlanta, Georgia

Total profits are down from 2016 to 2017, but the median gross profit for each flip is similar to the country’s average of about 59,000 dollars. The city also witnessed its foreclosure numbers go up during that era.

Houston, Texas

Without a doubt, Hurricane Harvey has put the city’s housing marketplace in a problem. But despite the effect, the house flippers were able to make 3.9 percent of total revenue for a gross profit of 46,000 dollars in the third quarter – around 31 percent under the average of just more than 66,000 dollars in the same time.

Baltimore, Maryland

In terms of results, Baltimore has great results – it came on top of all the other top 10 entries for gross revenue, with an admirable 111,000 dollar of average gross profit for each flip of about 7 percent of their marketplace revenue stemming from flipped assets.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The city has the second biggest median gross profit for each flip (trailing only Baltimore) of nearly 96,000 USD. While total home sales are down around 5.5 percent, the marketplace share of sales that have been flipped (6.3 percent) has been remarkably strong.

Detroit, Michigan

Of these top 10 cities, Detroit ranks the poorest for foreclosure numbers, a result that they are thrilled to witness. Even with the smallest average selling prices from the top 10 (143,500 dollars), Detroit’s house flippers were in the position to make up 70 percent of Return on Investments on flips – coming in at an average gross profit for each flip of just below 50,000 USD.

Indianapolis, Indiana

The city has around 4 percent of its retail revenue arrive from flipped assets. Their median gross profit in the third quarter is the lowest of the top 10 at USD 46,090. But Indianapolis is number one Rental Yield with a good 10.8 percent beating Detroit’s 10.7 percent.

Jacksonville, Florida

Florida was also hit by the hurricane and the city of Jacksonville saw hefty flooding. Even with this, the flippers in the third quarter made an overall gross profit of 58,000 USD with 6.4 percent of overall asset sales stemming from flips.

Phoenix, Arizona

Of the top 10, Phoenix had the smallest gross profit number of 28.8 percent compared with Philadelphia accounting for 114 percent. Phoenix had the 2nd largest growth in total revenue, up 5.5 percent, trailing just Vegas, with sales up 8.4 percent from 2016 to 2017.

Las Vegas, Nevada

A bit more than 8 percent of revenues in Sin City are due to flips. Vegas isn’t on top when it comes to house flipping earnings – they are 3rd in our top 10 with an average flip Return on Investment of 36.5 percent in the third quarter.

And all in all, the Top 3 states are California, Texas and Florida.

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