South African City Seizing Private Land to Construct Low-Cost Housing


Ekurhuleni will become a pioneering city in South Africa! The South African city will seize hundreds of acres of private land and build low-cost housing. The city’s council has just voted in favor of this “expropriation without compensation”.

Ekurhuleni intends to seize 865 acres of private and government-owned land that has been sitting empty for decades.

The majority of private land in South Africa stayed in the possession of a white minority. Yet, this minority accounts for only eight percent of the populace, twenty years after the apartheid ended.

Benefit To The Economy

President Cyril Ramaphosa stated in a televised address recently that the proposed land reform would make way for economic development. The reform would put more land to full use and enable the active involvement of millions of citizens in the economy.

Struggles Along The Way

Former US President Trump tweeted that a number of white farmers got murdered in South Africa. The former president went on to claim that the government seized their farms. This put a spotlight on the question of land reform in South Africa.

President Ramaphosa retaliated by stating that South Africa was a deeply unequal nation. He explained that land distribution, education, wealth, and employment, were at the core of that inequality.

In Conclusion

The strategy isn’t to take the land by force, according to Ekurhuleni Executive Mayor Mzwandile Masina. The policy is to ensure that those who need land actually get a chance at it.