Tokenise International Ltd launches the stock exchange of Tokenise

Tokenise International Ltd launches the stock exchange of Tokenise

Tokenise Global Ltd

While some businesses are happy to serve a narrow range of digital securities, there are a few players who have their eyes on something bigger. Tokenise is one of these companies, with a stated goal of providing a comprehensive global suite of services.

Tokenise International, based in Gibraltar, and licensed within Barbados, already maintains a global presence. The group consists of several branches;

What is the problem, then?

Probably the biggest missing link in the digital securities world, is a developed exchange group. To date, the sector is rife with competitors operating as issuance platforms and custodians, yet there remains a marked dearth of options for real digital securities purchase / sell.

In addition, numerous exchanges are confined to offering their services within the boundaries of their own country. There are really few, if any, truly global solutions.

How are they going to solve it? – Tokenise Bourses is ready to be put to work by obtaining licensing as a broker. With that being the case, Tokenise Stock Exchange has become the immediate focus of Tokenise International, the holding company.

The Tokenise Stock Exchange, previously known as DAXNET, just saw its website go live. Investors can start onboarding here, and gain access to a variety of opportunities.

The following are listed in Tokenise Stock Exchange as a few of the services they offer at this time.

  • Emission capacities, facilitating the hosting of both IPOs and STOs
  • Secondary market support, providing a ‘home’ for established tokens and consequently creating liquidity and accessibility

In addition to supporting the issuance and trading of security tokens, Tokenise has impregnated the types of supported security tokens with a great deal of flexibility. Those tokens can be structured as anything from equity , debt, dividends, fractional ownership, funds, and more.

Martin Graham, Group Chairman, spoke about why security tokens are making such a promise,

“Tokenisation of securities and other real-world assets would make capital markets open and efficient. Removing inefficiencies, frictions and obstacles to participation would democratize the process of matching venture capital providers and customers. This, in turn , will increase the flow of funds to market participants and investment opportunities.

Of course, as this is an exchange that supports security tokens, investor participation is limited to those that pass the KYC and AML parameters required.

Tokenise England

Although the company’s focus may be on Tokenise Stock Exchange, development with Tokenise UK is still continuing. With the state of the economy in 2020, many have observed that funding through traditional VC channels has diminished considerably. As a consequence, we saw an increased interest in equity crowdfunding.

Although time will say if equity crowdfunding will maintain the interest and turn it into actual participation, Tokenise intends to be ready. One example of events that can be anticipated on the platform is KABN’s latest offering – an equity token that aims to raise USD $8 million.

The Equipment

Tokenise International is an adept team behind the various products on offer. The core of this group consists of the following five people, each of whom boasts impressive resumes.

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