Portugal’s Real Estate Market In Investors’ Sights

Invest in property in Lisbon

The Portuguese real estate market is experiencing a great expansion at the moment, mostly in the country’s big cities. The great economic flow, low rental prices (compared to other European cities) for renting a room and the high quality of life are just a few reasons why Portugal is in the focus of tourists, workers, students, real estate developers and investors.

Portugal's real estate market at investors' sights

Lisbon: the best city to invest

Lisbon is the most desirable city to invest, according to the Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe 2019 report published by consulting firm PwC.

Lisbon wasn’t even in the top 10 cities in which to invest in 2018. It occupies first place one year later, surpassing major cities like Paris, London and Berlin. According to the report, the key reasons behind the ranking results are healthy yields and a steady rise in the Portuguese Real Estate market.

Housers’ investors have already given Real Estate developers 4 million euros from the launch of the platform in Portugal to advance their projects in Portugal. Two million were just for Lisbon projects. Each project was successfully funded, without occurrences, demonstrating that both investors and developers are reliant on Portugal.

Campo de Ourique was Portugal’s first Housers’ project and is exactly located in Lisbon. It is a Buy-To-Let opportunity established in October 2017 and located in one of the city’s most affluent neighborhoods, where the prices are constantly rising. The apartment is on the second lease contract, subject to the opportunity, and the rental price has risen by 50 euros compared to the first one, reaching a total price of 950 euros/month.

Portugal's real estate market at investors' sights

Portugal at real estate’s edge

Portugal is living its moment with the Real Estate market, not just in Lisbon.

In reality, Faro is one of Portugal’s regions where real estate demand is high: Southern Portugal has become more than a holiday destination due to the growth of the economy in recent years.