SEBA To Integrate Service Suite


Integrated Service

Swiss bank SEBA just revealed service provider integration, Tokensoft. New to Europe, Tokensoft will see its capabilities leveraged by, what is considered, one of blockchain’s more promising banks.

This integration of services stands to have a widespread positive impact with SEBA having a presence in over 10 countries. Between their licensing, obtained through FINMA, a well-funded runway, tech integration, and a friendly government, SEBA appears ready to establish itself as a leader in the digital securities industry.

That didn’t go on long

As we first discussed Tokensoft ‘s expansion into Europe, we did not plan to report on new alliances less than a week later; but we are here, and SEBA has confirmed that it would incorporate Tokensoft services into their own offerings.

SEBA states three key areas which they expect this integration to help.

Expansion of the capacities for creating customized digital securities
Taking advantage of financial market and technology expertise to expand customer base
Drive the sector forward by ensuring interoperability with FinTech past and present

It is just part of the strategy.

This move, like Tokensoft, is all part of SEBA ‘s strategy to grow both the digital securities market and its foothold.

Something that will enable SEBA to continue developing its services, and building partnerships like the one discussed here today, is its past success during capital raises. SEBA has indicated in recent months that they looked to build on a $100 M Series A, roughly, with a $100 M Series B.


Representatives of each, SEBA and Tokensoft, took the time to comment upon the announcement of this new alliance.

“We are convinced that this strategic partnership will enable us to provide our clients with enhanced tokenization technology and solutions to suit existing and emerging demands.  As one of the leading security token issuance and asset servicing platforms, Tokensoft’s core competencies perfectly complement our existing asset tokenization capabilities.  Our Asset Tokenization division offers enterprise grade solutions, with our Swiss banking license assuring the highest standards in security and stability.”

“Switzerland has been at the forefront of digital asset development – SEBA is globally one of the first banks with a focus on digital assets, which received a banking and securities dealer license from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).  We believe that such partnerships are the kind of careful, detailed groundwork that will lay the foundations for a robust Digital Asset Economy in the years to come.”


SEBA has its headquarters in Zug, Switzerland, and was founded in 2018. SEBA has above all demonstrated belief in a future built on digital securities. In addition to working to make that belief a reality, the bank continues to provide its customers with various traditional financial services.

CEO Guido Buehler is currently overseeing operations at the company.


Tokensoft was founded in 2018, and has headquarters in San Francisco, USA. Tokensoft’s team has developed a variety of solutions designed to help the digital securities sector grow.

CEO Mason Borda is currently supervising operations at the company.