Security Token Offerings Guide: Your STO Questions Answered


Security Token Offerings (STOs) bear parallels with both initial coin offers and standardsecurities. This innovative crowdfunding approach blends the versatility of blockchain technology with the legal protections contained in the regular offering of securities. This method of crowdfunding provides a more stable investing environment for potential investors.

In most parts of the world, there are no legal requirements to launch an initial coin offering (ICO). Anyone can buy these tokens without having to reveal their true identity, and businesses do not need to provide any details. Such tokens may not have any conversion conditions, so there is no protection for creditors who lose funds due to fraudulent behavior.

Unfortunately, this lack of oversight has led to an rise in theft in the crypto market. According to one survey, as many as eighty percent of the ICOs released in 2017 turned out to be fraud. This illegal behavior has led to an uproar from burnt investors and a strong need for more safe options.

The Birth of the Security Token Offerings Idea

Recognizing the complexity of the crypto industry and its Wild West, developers began creating tokens that are in accordance with the existing standards of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). People who participate in the STO gain also add consumer security. Such firms shall comply with the ATS registry and follow the necessary specifications of the broker-dealer. Such rights include the company’s legal name, address, representatives and financial records.

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
SEC Headquarters via Homepage

Moreover, the details received by the proposed investor is subject to an approval process. This procedure ensures that the information given is reliable and real. Compared to the utter lack of regulations in the ICO market, it is easy to see why some investors want to turn to security token offerings for a better investment opportunity.

First STO

In March 2018, the US-based Praetorian Group became the first organization to deliver an STO. The company is listed as a cryptocurrency real estate investment company. The company registered the seventy million dollar ICO with the SEC on 6 March. The move was considered necessary by the creators of the site because they operated in the real estate business.

The network uses PAX tokens to represent real estate. This approach enables more open and safe transactions. This technique is known as tokenization and is now one of the fastest developing markets of the crypto industry.

Security Coins

Security tokens conform with both Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) laws. This ensures that all people and companies must disclose their real identities before investing. KYC and AML are common procedures in dealing with financial institutions. In the future, many experts expect the same situation for crypto services.

STO Rewards

STO participants receive direct rewards from owning tokens from a platform. Based on the platform, users are given voting rights, bonuses and even income shares. If you’re investing in an ICO that provides these features, there’s a fair chance you’re investing in a security token. If that is the case, you must ensure that the token is registered with the SEC in order to prevent potential repercussions.

Security Token Offerings – A Bright Future

STOs begin to gain momentum in cryptospace. This influx of new tokenization solutions provides a ideal atmosphere for some approaches to flourish, such as security token offerings. You should expect this phenomenon to persist as mainstream financial firms turn to the crypto industry for future revenue.