🇪🇺 Crowdfunding in Europe

Real-estate crowdfunding in Europe follows mostly the same rules as everywhere. It is a method of raising cash for property investing by reaching out into a pool of investors o contribute a small amount of money towards a job. To put it simply, it’s a kind of raising funds which allow small property investors to finance major projects. Real estate crowdfunding can be known to us property peer-to-peer lending or financing of real estate projects. The procedure for raising money is performed through an internet crowdfunding system.

If you have some capital and have the plan to invest in real estate to grow your wealth passively through crowdfunding in Europe, then you have two options: Equity and Debt investing.

Equity (Equity-based) Crowdfunding

Equity investment provides high returns compared to debt investing. If you invest this way, you will get returns based on the property’s rental income less crowdfunding platform fees.

Debt (Lending-based) Crowdfunding

Dept investment is the most common route for investors as it is easier to invest. You lend funds to the owner of the property, in turn, you will get a fixed interest based on the owner’s mortgage loan and the amount that you have invested.

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