Real Estate Marketing

The average homebuyer is online nowadays: 44 percent of first-time homebuyers looked for their next property online and 83 percent of all homebuyers use the internet to look for homes. Not only that, but 58 percent of all homebuyers used a smartphone to score a home! You need to conquer the network in all the ways possible to connect and communicate with these smart internet users. You should also aim to communicate with them at all stages of their homebuying journey.

The way to do this is through a comprehensive marketing strategy for real estate that encompasses and leverages all of your online real estate β€” from search engines to real estate directory listings. See the marketing services that you should implement in your online marketing strategy below – and if you are willing to sell more properties, it’s time to start.

Our real estate marketing guide is a detailed look at the techniques, tactics, methods & applications for property marketing. The guide includes real estate marketing concepts both offline and online, from direct mail to email promotions. If you’re a real estate agency broker or marketing director, sharing these campaign concepts with your real estate agents will help you maintain the same goals while you are working together to create a strong real estate brand.

We’ll start with digital marketing strategies first.