Real estate Investment in Liverpool: Expert Opinions & Tips

With plenty of nightlife offerings, parks, museums and art galleries, Liverpool is a lively, cosmopolitan city. It consists of smaller historic villages full of listed buildings and a thriving center with new construction ventures and a revitalized waterside and a cruise terminal.

After a challenging era in the 1970s and 1980s, when the city was suffering from economic turmoil and unemployment, it emerged to the other side, revitalized to become a cultural hub and one of the most vibrant urban centers in the United Kingdom.

Popular landmarks include the Albert Dock, the Cathedral of Liverpool (the world’s fifth largest church building) and the Royal Liver Building (considered the first skyscraper in Britain).

What does the property marketplace look like in Liverpool?

If you are looking to purchase, Liverpool property still remains a competitive choice because prices are lower than the national average, making it an attractive option relative to many other cities in the UK, at least for many first-time buyers.

There’s a flourishing refurbishment market within Liverpool city center. The broad listed factory facades are paired with modern, mixed-use apartment buildings. The need for accommodation aimed solely for students is also immense. That is, there is something for all of us there.

Medium prices differ a lot from the city center to the more competitively priced northern areas and the prosperous south part of Liverpool, depending on where you plan to buy.

What are the most sought-after locations in Liverpool?

Housing is diverse in Liverpool. Millions of pounds of homes combined with more affordable terraced housing are available. Three of the city’s most costly roads are in the Wirral, one of the six districts that make up Liverpool. Five or six bedroom homes make up for lots of the more costly assets, with big garden plots, and provide lots of room.

For the majority of the coveted properties, top destinations include: Freshfield Road, Baroncroft Road and Beaconsfield Road.

Buy-to-Let purchases and foreigners in Liverpool

The Liverpool property market is definitely booming, with Liverpool rental returns being used by investors from around the globe. There was a 160 percent year-on-year increase in Chinese buyer inquiries into Liverpool purchases for buy-to-let investments from 2017 to 2018. The economy of Liverpool has also expanded faster than other British cities of a similar scale.

Over recent years, the Liverpool buy-to-let market has gained a lot of attention. Liverpool has one of the most thriving UK markets, a vibrant city full of rich culture and history. Liverpool investment prospects topped the score tables back in 2017, making the city the number one hot spot for investment in land, with new off-plan property projects launched across the city.

It’s plain to see why so many individuals want to invest in Liverpool, with a winning mix of low property prices and strong rental yields. The city continues to outrank many other parts of the United Kingdom today, and Liverpool postcodes boast some of the country’s highest rental returns. If you want to find out how to invest for attractive returns in estate, buy-to-let in Liverpool should be at the top of your list.

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